you can’t have the good parts of a village without having the bad parts too

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  1. I have an Amazon list I put things on that I need but not immediately. New saucepan, bathrobe, slippers, toiletries, fancy teas or coffee, hose sprayer thing, metal hose, small tools, lamp. And of course, there's always Gin.

  2. This is exactly our assessment. We are holding out for a Highlander PHEV, but the volvo is very nice.

  3. More sleep (longer nap or earlier bedtime), and maybe a wake up clock that wakes him gently more of his own accord?

  4. My 2 cents as someone with autism/adhd who moved from the UK to the US (before I realized I have autism/adhd).

  5. We decided we weren't doing the elf on the shelf. Instead we have "Christmas gnomes", I like them for decoration anyway. But they aren't here to "check up on" our son, or "report back to santa", they just come to spend the holidays in our home, and sometimes they bring a Christmas book with them.

  6. They don't need to be on "full solids by 1yo", it's more common for formula fed babies or those who take expressed bottles.

  7. I don't think Christmas lights are worth the risk. Fewer trips on a roof means less chance of death. Only go up there for maintenance.

  8. This is why we are thinking of paying a company to put up lights. I want lights around the 2nd floor roof, I'm fine on ladders, but I know there's a risk. So I will pay someone who is willing to take the risk for money.

  9. When I returned to work after our 1st, I was in a temp-perm position, so there was no PTO, and the job didn't go perm for 12 months. The first 12 months of daycare crud and my husband took 90% of the sick days, including 2 x week long covid closures (Fortunately baby was negative, but still entertaining a 15 month old for a week whose not alowed to leave the house is no fun for anyone). Fortunately I was WFH to help him out and give him breaks

  10. LPT use to see if it's really a good deal or not!

  11. Fortunately not. I mean, women do most of the cooking, but men do genuinely help where they can. And the men do a good portion of the cleanup to even things out.

  12. It's worth remembering that when pumping, your body isn't getting the signals as to what kind of milk to make, only that it needs to make milk. Yes, there are some steps you can do to improve now, but bringing baby to breast when they are able will help further to send signals to increase fat content. In the meantime, there is zero shame or harm in combo feeding. Your baby is lucky to have a mom who cares so much.

  13. The only way to increase fat content in milk is to empty the breast as much as possible. Having the baby nurse versus pump does not impact fat content as long as your pump is fully emptying you.

  14. I was under the assumption that your brain receives signals from the babies saliva to change the composition of breastmilk.

  15. At this age anything goes. We regift items that have been hardly used and forgotten about but are now more age appropriate. We also gift items we would buy for them anyway like toothbrush or shoes or clothes. As long as they get to interact in some way with the gift "wow honey blackout curtains for your bedroom! can you "help" me put them up and we can see how dark your room is?" Sounds like a blast for a 2yo.

  16. This ad really got to me. I was anorexic for over a decade and it’s seriously fucked up my health. I’m trans and am constantly bombarded with messages that I’ll always have a man’s body, or worse still that other trans women are succeeding so what’s wrong with me. It’s gotten so bad that for some time I’ve been investigating corsets to reshape my floating ribs to narrow my hips. The more I look like a woman the less I’m stopped in the Ladies washroom when I need to pee or fix my makeup, or by men leaving the bars at night, or any number of scenarios where I deal with the public.

  17. I read the first sentence and was leaning towards thinking you were crazy too. But turns out you’re just crazy smart! Way to beat the system. I hope that you have a fantastic holiday and get some much deserved rest when your company leaves!

  18. I'm doing similar. Have a 2y9mo and a 4mo, decided to host instead. I've been preparing food all week, in disposable oven trays, will set the table over nap time. Guests arriving after 2yo wakes, and its easier to put the baby down or feed as necessary. No worries about toddler getting into shit, he's got plenty to entertain himself, and he won't be clingy because he's not in an unfamiliar environment.

  19. Your rules seem a little strict IMO, but if I were invited to a wedding and those were the prefecits, I would be fine following them. No one has a right to hold the baby, and preventing catching something when traveling is common courtesy.

  20. My nutritionist gave me a formula for the amount of oz I needed to drink each day. Based on weight and height I think?

  21. I have autism which includes a heaping dose of sensory issues, predominantly auditory.

  22. People definitely have terrible memories, plus I feel like there was a certain level of neglect with older parenting styles.

  23. It was highly recommend that you still get dressed for your work day even during Covid if you worked from home. I never stopped going to work and it had no effect on me, but there is a mental switch from "I'm going to bed or just chill and do nothing" to "its time to get up and do something productive"

  24. I think that's one benefit to having kids, I have to get dressed to take them to daycare, and I have to leave the house, only for 30 minutes, but I feel productive when I get home. The days my husband does dropoff and I don't get dressed or leave the house, I feel super lazy all day.

  25. I'd take a village with some compromises, but my "village" basically just wants the kids to be submissive quiet and not need anything. My father will spend 5 minutes interacting and he's done, he hasn't changed a single diaper, my mom has changed one or two diapers (for reference my nephew is 5 and my son is almost 3), they dont mind feeding the kids (as long as its something they eat too, which im ok with) but they won't feed them between mealtimes unless my parents are also having a snack, they wont clean them up after and they get mad when they make a bit of a mess. They want to be in their grandchildren lives, but they don't want their grand kids to be kids. Other relatives (except my sister) are the same.

  26. How to defrost turkey safely, and by poundage:

  27. I've followed these types of guidelines for the past 3 years, and my turkey is still frozen after the suggested time (like atleast 50% frozen). We only buy a small breast joint, maybe 5lbs max, and it takes at least 2 days in the fridge.

  28. We do a book advent calendar, so maybe suggest something similar? If it's gifts make them stocking stuffer types. Maybe mention after Christmas being hard because, at 2 years old, receiving a gift everyday for almost a month, has set a habbit/routine that will be confusing/frustrating when it ends.

  29. For me the worst part is, I dont even need anything from the tower challenge! I already have the characters! But I still have to go through it all anyway to get the points for the event season pass challenges.

  30. Hatch grow changing mat thing. It can weighs the baby which was handy a couple of times in the beginning for weighted feeds, but we maybe used the feature half a dozen times for weighted feeds in the beginning, and another half a dozen times just out of curiosity for his weight gain between appointments (so 1 month, 3 months, 5 months, 7 and 8 months, 10 and 11 months). But it's really hard and he hated it. When he got too tall for it we upgraded to a padded one that can be wiped down and diaper changes became much less of a struggle. A whole year of struggles for a dozen measurements and $150.

  31. Both are still Hendrick’s. The cucumber and rose are still there.

  32. How would you compare midsummer? Have you tried Amazonia?

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