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  1. No wonder people in their 80's turn to this shit, we had an 80y'o math teacher who tried to put his hand under an 8th grader student's bra. Nobody did anything


  3. School hos ta hamro jasto kta haru class mai churot tanthye

  4. So you are responsible for Shinjo Abe Assassination

  5. Muji means pubic hair in Penis and Vagina in my place[Nepal] and this aint surprising

  6. Rapper ta ramrai thiyo hai j vayeni. Yo muji gajadi rapper jasto chai kunai angle bata thyena.

  7. Voli ma mare vane afno sabai chalne aanga aaru lai diyera, baaki vayeko doctor haru lai operation sikna dinu vanxu

  8. Where do you even get that large heavy potato?

  9. Why does this always happen in India? Is there some weird fuckin rape culture that I don’t understand. It seems like the men are raised to think this is ok

  10. Remember, the more people, the more shit

  11. This never happens in China though.

  12. Make an app for a girl and she will find its use this time

  13. They can learn there are lots of resources out there on the web .

  14. You are never getting AC Unity style gameplay back, just live with this fact

  15. K ko password? Where did he try to brute force? Ani was your password hashed or was it in raw form?

  16. I am gonna repost this video in a deep web site and go around claiming I found this on the deep web

  17. Baccha bela ma Rs.20 ko orange ball jatikhera Rs.1 ko 4 wota aauthyo. Tyao pasaley lai count garna jhyau lagera aadhi batta nai diyera pathaidyo.

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