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  1. I named myself after my favorite character...

  2. One day I'm gonna walk in there for a quick selfie or two. One day.

  3. Dear god, its adorable. I think I might die.

  4. For a second I lost all reading comprehension skills and thought this was a picture of a vagina and was horrified and confused

  5. I saw the crack, I saw the "warmed", and then I saw the title. You can imagine the look on my face before I read the title.

  6. I saw the crack, I saw the "warmed", and then I saw the title. You can imagine the look on my face before I read the title.

  7. Whew. This is a dumpster fire that I'm keeping my distance from.

  8. I'm gonna head up the tower to watch this with my binoculars.

  9. One day I was out searching for bottle caps and somehow ended up in Clear Sky base. I'm just kidding, I don't collect bottle caps.

  10. I'll be waving my hands 3 times outside the Radar, please don't shoot me and let me into your rock cult.

  11. If I come down to see Sid doing this I'm joining the renegades...

  12. It's the Zone brother! It calls to me! It's drawing me closer!

  13. Yeah and its telling you to get fucked. Literally.

  14. The power of the witherhoard catalyst sends me to the Crucible. I was going to thank god and not play Crucible for a month but the Flamekeeper title needs me to go into Crucible so... sigh..

  15. Pillow is literally an always available shoulder to cry on. Pillow doesn't judge you. Pillow stays as long as you need it. Pillow is nice.

  16. My pillow doesn't tell me to suck up my tears because people have worse. I love pillow.

  17. AHHH that made me start crying, I was super happy for Viktor there.

  18. Honestly, I think it was intentionally jarring. Like a, See how easy this is? Quit being an ass., kind of statement.

  19. It made me really happy, unfortunately my family just thought nothing of it and moved on. Still really glad they included that though!

  20. For the vanilla games I'm going with CS-3a Body Armor, aka my ol' reliable. Decent stats and stuff, carried me through most of the games until I got my exosuit.

  21. I have a lot of fun playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and then I play Iron man and cry.

  22. Jäger is my favorite lore wise. He doesn’t have a badass backstory like some of the other operators, but that’s what I like about him, he’s literally Just Some Guy whose gift with engineering thrust him into the big leagues. That and the details we get in his bio - struggled in school, socially awkward, never had a strong family unit growing up but now chooses his team as his family - make him relatable and feel more like a real person, which I prefer to the more extreme backgrounds some of the ops come from.

  23. Agreed! I find him really relatable because of the situation I'm in, and even though he isn't real, knowing he made it that far inspires me to keep going. (This is kind of embarassing to admit now that I look back at this though...)

  24. Think I need to pour some vodka into my eyes.

  25. Pulled up my PDA before I was gonna snipe this one guy just to make sure.

  26. The robber is correct. Freedom beds are cozy because there's free guitar music

  27. And comfortable. I'd steal one of their beds if I could, but im pretty sure everyone would shoot at a moving matress.

  28. Ignore it and take a nap with my shotgun beside me just in case, since it'll go away on its own. Mutants are still mostly living things and it needs to eat, plus, fighting a bloodsucker while you're tired just seems like a really bad idea imo.

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