1. Ne, s lidmi se o politice nebavim, moc, o ekonomii vubec. Nechapu, kde berou lidi pocit kecat o takovych tematech, kdyz o tom vedi hovno. O astrofyzice se taky nebudu prit, kdyz o tom nic nevim.

  2. Ber to z pozitívnej stránky. Nemáte to kúpené, môžete odtiaľ ľahšie odísť. A nerobí ramus v noci, to je najhoršie čo môže byť. Ja by som tu tvoju susedku brala všetkými desiatimi oproti jednému kokotkovi vedľa ktorého bytu som 2 roky žila ktorý bežne do 4 rána vykrikoval každých 30s na hru a ani polícia s tým nič nerobila pretože to nebol neustály hluk ako napr. hudba/party.

  3. Jako bych videl sam sebe, kdyz jsem nejakou dobu bydlel sam. Ten nocni rage u CSka a Doty 😂 Musel jsem se vzdycky vedomne klidnit.

  4. Kdykoli zabusi, tak poradne zadupej.

  5. I said this a couple of years ago and I was downvoted to hell.

  6. I love it, characters finally move like real humans.

  7. And current german flag above those 😂

  8. I would love to see from the top of my apartment building how that malfuncioned rocket lands on that nuclear power plant! And don’t forget: look away from the blast 😂

  9. It’s two blade sword. After all those meetoo scandals what does she except? No is no they said, so noone can expect some knight who will court the lady. They will be seen as stalker or some harrassing monster.

  10. Prague is very safe city, there are no “no-go zones”. Take anything in the town center that you like.

  11. I like Fortnite for its stupidity but I didn’t really like its gunplay too much. The new weapons are much more satisfying to shoot i guess. But I think the movement should be as fast as before, also because there are many shooters where you go really fast (E.g. Titanfall 2) without too many problems

  12. Yeah, it feels right to me right now, more “realistic” map with more “realistic” guns and their feel.

  13. Yep, bud democracy ≠ freedom necessarily. Norway is pretty fascist state in some fields.

  14. Lidi si najdou jine platidlo, neco, co ma hodnotu, ne statni papirky 😂

  15. Zatky jsou famozni napad autoru Falloutu. Zatku proste sam nevyrobis, nezfalsujes 😀

  16. Včera jsem zpirátil asi 200 knih v češtině na rozloučenou...RIP uložto

  17. Ja zapomnel, ale myslel jsem na to 🤦‍♂️

  18. Not so different from a lot of today humans.

  19. I will come back when it ends. It was nice, refreshing change, but I’m looking forward to the new season.

  20. A nechces aby vsechno rovnou ridil stat? Protoze tam je to samej Mirek Dusin.

  21. “If there is a bug… there is a good chance it’s fixed sometime in furure..”

  22. Zima v Letnanech je tvrda. Vylezes v kose a fucaku do zasnezeneho pole. Nejlepsi zazitek, kdyz si clovek chce uzit deprese po praci 😂

  23. I and my two friends we booted up new game called Fortnite (which I knew when Epic announced it – now known as Save the World) to see how other game wants to jump PUBG hype. It was laggy shit. We finished two games with words “what a shitty game, this one will never succeed, it looks horrible and plays even worse!”

  24. Wow, what an elaborate. I didn’t read that Year 1-5 parts because I like to find my way 🙂

  25. Primo od generalniho reditele! Uuu 😂

  26. I never play big countries in any Paradox game.

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