1. San Diego State alum here. I was hoping he would go to my Chargers but punting isn’t in coach Staleys game plan, he’s a strong proponent of analytics and rarely punts. SDSU is a Mountain West Conference team so I see quite a few of their games. There was another player out of the Mountain West the Bills drafted a few years ago that has worked out pretty well there, Araiza should make things exciting up in western NY too!

  2. By the end of last season we rarely punted past our own 40

  3. You're also going to have 15-20 touchbacks a year.

  4. I don't know if he was really high or really upset or both

  5. I appreciate how stoned he was and still took the time to do that

  6. That's a horrible thing to do to a new player. I get the hazing starts early these days, eh?

  7. Another uneducated post…the sabres have the 6th best record in the league since all star break and oh yeah they won

  8. I’m surprised beane sat on his hands snd watched these guys come off the board guess I’m spoiled him doing it every draft

  9. The overwhelming sentiment on the Giants thread “ok let’s get the fuck out of this nightmare “

  10. Call us “bottom feeders” all you want but you would not win a best of seven against us right now

  11. Congrats to Buffalo on the only accomplishment you worked for and cared about all year. Beating the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  12. I guess you don’t know our record since March 1…4th best in league…a top goalie, Quinn and paterka and next season we will right up with you in standings…you aren’t losing to the team that lost 18 in a row s few years ago you

  13. I don’t think so…the table would have been smashed..PLUS not ONE josh Allen jersey in the bunch

  14. What did Buck say when coming out of the dugout after the Lindor HBP?

  15. It seemed like “that’s fucking four now “…did anyone else the ump say “oh my god”?

  16. It’s the lowly Nats, we’re 2 days into a season that’s a half a year long and guys will get cold and struggle at some point but the team is noticeably better. In baseball good team lose to bad teams all the time and the Mets of past years don’t win games like these smoothly, we’re clearly better across multiple phases.

  17. And it’s nice to know there is someone in the dugout that has seen everything and knows how to manage a good ball club through the ups and downs of a long season

  18. Fuck NHL Tv right. Yet another game I couldn’t watch, though I get ESPN and MSG. Would have loved to watch this one.

  19. Mitts has really come along well this season and is finally proving that he belongs up here with our middle six and potentially our top six.

  20. I'm perfectly good with that based on our current roster. If Quinn/Peterka come along and bump him down a line, that's even better for the team as a whole!

  21. IF they do…you don’t hand them shit if they aren’t better fits… snd it’s not always about pure talent…players form chemistry with one another, that takes time to form with a player thrown into someone’s spot.. he has earned first shot at those spots

  22. It was a good call, unlucky

  23. I was there and these two teams were fighting it out..they had missed calls both ways all day…let the players decide the game

  24. Just got home from the game..I’m not mad we lost, if it wasn’t for those horrible penalties we would have tied this game…but that doesn’t matter…even Dusty’s soft goals and rebound issues don’t matter…I don’t know how many people showed up but I’ll tell you I heard it…the roar…it was there most of the 3rd period..the crowd was insane at 4-2…the place almost exploded at 4-3…this was a meaningless game and the fans were BACK…just wait when it matters..the players could not hear each other as it was…

  25. You’re right. It’s just that it’s the bad teams. Buffalo hadn’t sold out a game in probably 9 years.

  26. I usually just lurk in opponent thread after a game and say nothing but what you said was absolutely false..they have been few and far between, usually opening nights and such… but what you need to know here is the sabres just came off a 10-5-2 March and these young players are really putting it together..it’s not just you we have beaten

  27. It was a comment made in frustration that’s all. The Preds layed an egg to Philly a couple of weeks ago on what was probably Giroux’s last game as a Flyer and I felt the same was coming since it was RJ night. I’m just salty we lost. I looked prior to the game and saw Buffalo had indeed been playing very well and was 8-3-3 in their last 14 games before tonight so I knew in the back of my mind we’d probably lose. Plus Saros hadn’t ever beaten Buffalo so there’s that. I guess when you see a team lose 18 in a row to tie an NHL record last year, you hope your team can at least muster a point against that but obviously they aren’t the same team from last year.

  28. Btw I love your team and city, no shade coming from me..I wasn’t bring disrespectful it’s just that every fan base reacts the same way when we beat them “we just lost to the worst team in the league” and that is just not true anymore..Cozens, Krebs, Tuch, Thompson, Dahlin are all future star’s gelling at once..I haven’t seen a team since Christmas display the team speed that we have..it shocks fans who think we are that same team that lost 18 in a row..oh I forgot mittlestadt, who has developed into this unreal passer..it’s not just you guys we have beaten all of the top teams

  29. Casey and Tuch are developing huge chemistry..I know Casey can’t finish but his passing has been out of this world

  30. Useless goalie......way to suck against a dogshit team

  31. The nhl needs to figure its shit out with officiating. It's embarrassing and ruining the game

  32. They are goona call a slash on a play like that every time

  33. My god stop it, there are no goalies (maybe shesterkin) that are worth 20 god damn points that would make them a hart contender lmao

  34. If our backup was equally good as a 40 year old Anderson, we would project for about 25 more points.

  35. I wonder what it is since first of the year…I feel it’s near .500

  36. Obviously this means no Fitz. I mean that ended with the Keenum trade. But I have a theory. What if the Bills wanted Fitz but Fitz said no because he’s aware that everywhere he goes he ends up the starter and doesn’t want to bring any bad juju to the team he roots for the most.

  37. Or maybe the front office feels once you hit the stands acting like a lunatic you are finished on the field..

  38. I don’t begrudge any fan who doesn’t want to root for them. And I don’t begrudge any of the ones who will. It’s not an easy situation.

  39. NFL fault actually…he should be required to stay in Houston until his case is resolved…he certainly should not be allowed to sign guaranteed contracts until he knows if he’s going to be able to even play football again

  40. I thought tokarski had one last season as well

  41. Exactly I just like to see what goalies the “this team would be good with goaltending” crowd thinks we coudl get

  42. If we lose this game it is directly because Anderson is washed…you are delusional to think otherwise

  43. Lol that’s not your point tho, what goalie woudl you be getting, you’d aid with good goaltending I asked name goalies we could get and you just avoided it

  44. I told you we could have kept ullmark to take us to the kids a few years away

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