1. My 2.5 yo did the same. I also want to chime in I don't think 3pm is too late to nap and I don't think that's the problem.

  2. I would paint the tile on the walls. The floor is fine. That counter is kind of weird but I don’t know about painting it. Is it vinyl tile?

  3. I agree. Only paint the wall tile. Floor has too much traffic and counter gets wet! I painted a counter and it wasn't great and wasn't clean looking.

  4. I'm a sahm and have only worked for about a total of 6 months since having my son 2.5 years ago. Not currently working.

  5. Quick summary of this post: multiple negative experiences with Power Home Remodeling. Would advise to AVOID and do not do work with them.

  6. I don't think it's an overreaction. I'd be super pissed if that happened. Fall out of a highchair??? Come on. They either didn't secure the baby, left the tray pulled out, kicked it by accident?? I mean clearly there was some sort of negligence. Head injuries can be serious and I am always concerned when they happen. Sue the daycare? Nah. Not worth your time. I'd consider looking for another one though.

  7. Get multiple bases with the infant car seat. Problem solved. Not expensive.

  8. My theory is retirement savings. Are you contributing to a 401k/IRA/HSA which results in having a lower paycheck that basically all gets blown on rent and bills?

  9. I totally agree with this. Without putting any money in any savings, 85k seems (still low) but manageable if you have relatively few bills. And even though this thread is defining upper middle class monetarily, having large savings allows for security and comfortability which in a way could be used to describe the upper middle class socially.

  10. I know this wasn't your intention, but reading this made me so anxious.

  11. Yeah. Good news is you can still live a very happy life without all the hoopla.

  12. Ugh the process of buying a house is stressful!!!!! Seems like it takes foreverrrrr. But! One day soon enough, you'll officially be through all the BS and you'll be in your house! All this closing, paperwork blah blah blah crap will be behind you and your new home in front of you.

  13. I think blue would be great to add to this to give some balance.

  14. I think having a close family dr is amazing in theory. But i personally really like a small team of Dr's. Or a group with multiple locations close to you. This gives you options and flexibility with a range of personalized care. I did this and after seeing 4 doctors at two different locations but same group (both within 15 min to me) within my son's first 18 months, I found a dr that I really clicked with and she is who I stick with now. I have back up too which is just comforting.

  15. Coco. But cove during covid times seems risky.

  16. Why force your children to sleep alone? Why not just let them sleep with you? Our oldest was 4 before he moved in his room

  17. I co-slept for 8 months. Baby and husband slept great. I did not. My mind was constantly on guard "omg is baby safe?!?!" In response I slept in very uncomfortable positions while my husband slept in his normal position. I never got a good nights sleep. Wasn't a healthy sustainable option for me.

  18. It's so weird everytime I mention sleep training, people react like I told them to slap their baby. I don't get it. If someone is sharing with you that something worked for them, why be so negative. Glad it worked for you too!

  19. I agree with this! Yeah the crying suckssss but also, teaching your baby to go down independently is a skill they now have! A skill that seems extremely beneficial and healthy for years and years! A couple hard days has a huge payoff.

  20. I swam multiple times a week til the day I went into labor. Easy on the body and enjoyable for me. It was the best thing I did in my pregnancy.

  21. Make popcorn, get on jammies and go for an evening drive to see the christmas lights. Or, bundle up (if needed) , grab the stroller, play some christmas music on your phone and walk around to see the lights.

  22. Inflatable beach balls that match the theme if you have one? I had a bday party for one of my kids at a park this past month and there was no "lull" in entertainment due to the general setting.

  23. I think you should tell her smoking is very bad for her and she should never, ever do it. People, like your brother smoke but that is very bad. Your brother isnt a bad person because of it but smoking is bad and even he should never do.... that's probably on the line of what I would say anyways. Why not vilify it? I say this as a former smoker and current weed smoker. It IS terrible for you.

  24. Is there a reason you think the nap needs to happen? Are they extra cranky, not able to stay up to a reasonable bed time, etc? Keep in mind bed time will probably move up a little bit without a nap.

  25. He def gets a bit cranky around 4. I'd just love him to nap as he use to be such a great napper and it helps me with my day as I also have a 12 month old. So it's probably more for me lol I know that's terrible but it's true.

  26. We did meditation time for about 30ish mins. Laid down and talked about visiting the ‘Island of calm’. We talked about the animals on the island, he’d add things like seeing swaying palm trees, etc. It was a great way to break up the day and decompress.

  27. I like this a lot! Will help me as well. Two birds one stone. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I have used this crib sheet since my LO was about 7months. It's very very soft! Super cozy feeling. I use during the cooler months.

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