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  1. I mean, I'm normally all for proper representation for race in movies and TV, but is it really going to bring pride to the Latino community for a Latino actor to play a brutal, ruthless dictator? Like, if I saw a white guy being cast as Mao Zhe Dong, I'm not exactly going to clamor for a Chinese actor to play him.

  2. Being young gives you health, not mental toughness though

  3. Seriously? You train at a grueling pace for years, enter a race, bike hundreds of miles on minimal sleep and fuel, only to have it swept from under you through no fault of your own as you get close to the end. Anybody would cry at that point. And he still finished the race! THAT is true mental toughness.

  4. This is my problem and why I so vehemently hate running. I don't know what's a good pace.

  5. Spicy opinion from some one who loves running... You don't have to run to improve fitness. If you're the kind of person who likes to give it their all for like a minute, rest, then try again, other options like HIIT or weight training might be better. Not everyone is born to run, in the same way that not everyone is born to lift heavy weights. Find a safe physical activity that you actually enjoy doing, and it'll be much easier to stick to your fitness goals.

  6. He's trying to use the bunny ears as antennae to receive the one brain cell... It's not working.

  7. Every Alaskan I've talked to has formed a "negative judgement" of this guy. Many of them are people who moved to Alaska precisely because they are passionate about escaping the trappings of modern society. All of them are still alive. You know why? Because they tempered their passion with humility in the face of Mother Nature. This young man was arrogant in thinking that he could just hitchhike in and somehow things would be different for him. He doesn't deserve respect. The people who have made a living in the harsh Alaskan environment do instead.

  8. Are you telling me you were surprised that a man who spends his time around bears got eaten by a bear?

  9. But... But... He was such a beautiful and uncompromising soul who loved animals and nature! How dare you call out his reckless behavior! /s

  10. That's why I lost interest in the local foraging groups. You either have people who are smart as hell and can really educate you on the native flora or complete fruit loops like this. By the end of it, I was just like, I'd rather pick up a book and learn it myself than hear Prepper Karen tell someone to rub willow bark on a deep, infected wound again.

  11. This is adorable but I saw the OG photo and immediately thought he was peeing on the garden

  12. Thank you for saying this! Both of the companies I get my beneficial bugs from have stopped carrying them for the reasons mentioned in the post. The ladybug population is on the decline. Let's be good stewards of the land and find other ways to deal with the aphids.

  13. Rose bushes also tend to make for bad potted plants, since a lot of them need large root systems to be happy and healthy. The miniature roses you see potted up at grocery stores are really meant only to last for a short period of time. I would check the root system to see what's going on there.

  14. Agree with this. We have a collector of reverted Birkins in my local Facebook group, and a lot of her collection gets mistaken for Red Moons. It's a beauty either way😍

  15. Is this mostly an American thing? In my country I don’t hear people talking so casually about painkillers. We usually only mention paracetamol (Tylenol in the US) when we have fever/the flu. Or maybe I’m around the wrong kind of adults…

  16. It's an American thing. We've been taught that any pain must be eradicated at all costs. That combined with unhealthy lifestyles that make us more pain-prone and, yeah, that's why we pop this stuff like candy.

  17. I'm going to disagree with these wholesome and accepting Redditors and say you should disown her.

  18. This may be mean but..."oh my God is that a flower? I didn't even know x could flower!". Plants flower! And it's just so many repetitive posts of the same plant with shocked owners not believing their plant flowered. I've seen it with prayer plants a lot especially. It just kind of gets on my nerves because if you browse this sub even semi-frequently it should be pretty common knowledge.

  19. I've got the opposite pet peeve from people who just expect flowers to last forever. "OMG my orchid is dying because the flowers are falling off, let me toss it in the trash!" No, the flowers are one part of the plant's reproductive cycle, they aren't supposed to last forever. Do these people also think women constantly ovulate until they die?

  20. Translation: some one come over and move this dead plant out of my apartment for free because I can't be bothered.

  21. Trick question! She's actually a delectable

  22. Please stop getting your healthcare advise from influencers. They're there to sell products or agendas (even if the message is a good one). Talk to your dentist. Use toothpaste that has actually been proven to protect your teeth. Stop with this madness.

  23. Just reading up on it and the reason they stopped was essentially that it was unsanitary.

  24. This technology is still in use, the equipment has just been improved to be more sanitary. The Afluria flu vaccine is approved to use with the jet injector. Good choice for people who are scared of needles, but not widely available.

  25. Air injector, but yeah, I get your point. And that's great because you would have to pay quite a bit more for the jet injector than the old fashion needle. Sometimes the old tech is still the best tech.

  26. Super curious too! Tag says Tequila Sunrise, but it looks so different from the pics I've seen.

  27. This is a repost, it’s sickening to karma farm over a loss. Big yikes moment.

  28. Yeah, this was posted about half a year ago, same caption and everything. This is a whole 'nother level of gross compared to some of the other reposters on this sub.

  29. I have a little orange pathetic exhaler too! Except when he thinks he's about to be fed, then he turns into the most prolific opera singer since Pavarotti.

  30. Yep, politicians rail against green energy and then get all up in arms when gas prices spike because we're dependent on fuel from our enemies. We're letting some absolutely terrible regimes hold us by the balls by not making sustainable energy top priority.

  31. How do you know he was fit? Gaining a little bit of a muscle isn't hard to do, do you know his routine? What exercises was he doing? What were his PRs?

  32. I'm not sure that anyone could call that a little muscle, or why PRs and specific exercises deserve scrutiny in this situation. A PR that is easily achievable for one person naturally may require steroid use to achieve for another. And, as I've admitted, it could be a whole host of factors, but COVID and steroid use immediately pop out as risk factors for heart failure in an otherwise healthy looking young male.

  33. I call it very little muscle actually. He has a very large left bicep, his right bicep is much smaller. His shoulders/traps area look okay (very imbalanced), but not as if he was doing natural movements with free weights, more like a machine of some type. I could be wrong, but what I know of Planet Fitness makes me think otherwise.

  34. I used to work out at a Planet Fitness when I was poor. You can get some surprisingly good results with just the dumbbells there. But yeah, never again lol.

  35. This is the only one I agree with so far! I hate this trend more than anything, Trisha Paytas is like the perfect representation for this. Why buy all these cheap clothes that only look good in pictures and maybe last one of two washes. I've def made it a point of mine to only shop for sustainable high quality clothes over the last few years.

  36. Completely agree! The other ones are either subjective or most likely to harm the wearer but not other people. Fast fashion relies on slave labor and does major environmental damage.

  37. I'm looking at my orange tabby asleep in my lap right now. I hope this is what his dreams look like.

  38. EXACTLY. I was reading comments from antivaxxers demanding that all the data from the companies producing the vaccines be immediately released. And I'm just like... And what do you plan on doing with it? Pfizer drops 30,000 lines of data in your inbox, what then? You run your own analysis? You got the 10 years of post grad experience to do that sort of shit? I haven't even gotten into the logistical nightmare created by that scenario.

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