1. Fr when was she exposing herself like this and how come it slipped by so many of us

  2. Zodiac bitches be like this

  3. There’s always gotta be a foot dude lol

  4. While y’all saying good luck in New York like she looking at this Reddit page 😂

  5. My biggest problem is the morning wood shits just on max difficulty

  6. I got to sleep with nuts aching from pain enough is enough honestly

  7. I want you to wake up tomorrow and talk to a female any female it’s for the best my dude and delete this app never come back

  8. On some real shit my ex pussy looked just like that damn son I should call her lol

  9. I’m just glad she slipped up enough times to see her nipples bc if i died without seeing that I’d be sad asf lol

  10. Anybody else think she’s still a virgin

  11. I doubt it. She’s 26 and she has a man lol

  12. She has a man?? Lol i didn’t know

  13. I watched the whole thing then I nutted to it in 5sec lol

  14. Lol i heard she turned 18 and thought to myself I bet someone already made a page on Reddit and I was not disappointed I honestly don’t find her attractive with her annoying ass

  15. I’m shook asf so she’s a milf

  16. Wasn’t expecting her to take a shit but I’m down bad and I busted to it 🤦🏿‍♂️

  17. Nigga if I pull out in time an we all know no ones pulling out

  18. I spent 2 hours trying to find it end up busting to the bird maid down bad

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