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  1. Had some child star from Degrassi hit me up on Tinder a few years ago. He was attractive and all, but he literally opened with that fact and sent me proof. Tried to get me to come boink him in his hotel while he was in town for business with his dad. I never watched Degrassi and I never went to that hotel to visit him.

  2. What I gather is in most cases, things weren't great before, even if they looked like it. I've had a similar thought about single parents, it's wearing me and my wife out with a newborn and I have to go back to work in 2 days. I fortunately had some vacation time as well so I'm taking off another 2 weeks soon, but the only reason my wife gets any sleep currently is that I stay up at night with him so she can sleep, which is going to have to at least change some when I'm back to work.

  3. I’m not sure if this is doable, but my husband would switch off with me on nighttime wakes so I’d get some sleep. Now LO sleeps through the night and he gets up with her morning feed so I can pump then go back to sleep until he starts working.

  4. A lot younger than your situation but my 2 1/2 month old has been doing this, she’s referred for an EEG to rule out anything.

  5. and if you win at the ring toss, you get a coupon worth $5 off insulin!

  6. My dishwasher is finally in use after having a baby. I used to be on the go so much that I’d have way less dishes so maybe run a few times a week. Now it’s run several times a day. 😅

  7. Please, please, please help this cat. I am also in Sacramento. I will drive to whichever vet you take it to and pay the bill. Just DM me.

  8. I looked for this post to see if there was an update. Hoping OP comes back with any type of update or gets in touch with you.

  9. I didn’t tell anyone the sex of the baby until birth. We registered for neutral colored clothing and let our parents tell people we didn’t really want clothes. Registered for a ton of cute fun things like toys while the essentials were gotten by family (thankfully and we were so grateful!)

  10. I’m a day shy of 9 weeks and I was at 6 pumps for a while but the last week I’ve been down to 4-5 with no drop in supply. I pump once in the MOTN, once around noon, once around 5pm, then again around 11pm. If I can sneak another pump into there I do try as well. Typically getting 33-40 oz per day depending on how much water I drink.

  11. I would go with the Elvie, I think it will be easier to resell whenever you destash.

  12. I’m now 9wpp and only do 4-5 sessions a day and have a supply of 35-40oz per day. My daily average hasn’t decreased

  13. My baby has toes that are kind of connected on some of them but it seems like a purely cosmetic thing. I would say definitely monitor her development but if she is developing ok then its fine

  14. Me and my daughter have that! The 3 middle toes are all partially connected. Little froggy toes.

  15. So I didn’t like the idea either and then I tried pumping. Now I pretty much exclusively pump and am able to give all the nutritional benefits to my baby but with a bottle.

  16. I wear sports bras, tshirt bras, and bralettes at night. I still leak but I stopped wearing pads in in them because they’re so scratchy. I also hate my pumping bra it’s so uncomfortable so I only wear it to pump.

  17. I try to do half my pumps in the MOTN. When LO wakes up, I have my husband feed and change her while I pump. That way we can all get back to bed as quickly as possible. My husband does work from home so I do have that extra help but it is rough finding time during his work hours. Sometimes I’ll use my elvie curves to express some milk out when I can’t sit down for a proper pump. I have the Willow Go and Bellababy portable for more flexibility too but LO is only 7w so it’s hard to even use those and hold her.

  18. I wish i had twins because my main reason for one and done was awful pregnancy. If i could have gotten two for one it would have been okay

  19. I had hoped this for the same reason but my daughter’s sensitive tummy and colic was the final factor for being one and done. I couldn’t imagine two colicky babies at once!

  20. I’m going with everyone else, unfortunately that’s just very likely not doable. It won’t be for baby, for you, for that drive. Your mental and physical recovery will be rough. I was supposed to go on a bachelorette party 3 weeks pp and it ended up being 13 days pp. I was able to go to the last stop for a few hours but with baby, all her gear, and husband in tow. It was really difficult going anywhere and honestly still is 7 weeks pp.

  21. Echoing everyone that it this is something to bring up to the OB. I hardly remember cramping it was only a few days postpartum. The OB would know better about causes of still cramping. Hope it eases up soon for you, sounds absolutely terrible to continue experiencing this.

  22. “Davis, who already has a child, has refrained from taking a position on abortion, WAFB-9 reported. She said she is now 13 weeks into her pregnancy.”

  23. My son got mistook for a girl because, while dressed in his favorite dino gear, he had his favorite sandals on that had pink soles with blue straps.

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