1. The cancer treatment is torture. And it only gives a couple years?

  2. Hmmm i still think he should have a say

  3. It's a foetus. Doesn't become a baby before birth. But continue being disingenuous like most pro lifers.

  4. 4.5 months. Still within the legal limit in our country.

  5. So second trimester. Her doctor's will start doing things to fight it and in two months she can deliver and start chemo

  6. They said they would not recommend an abortion had this not been a desperate situation

  7. Well that is basically a 7 day water fast. As long as you get some electrolytes, quite a common thing these days

  8. I tried it but didn't work. Non stop migraines.

  9. Fair enough. I've never done one as long, but know you're supposed to keep up with the salts n stuff

  10. Yeah I used to have those electrolyte packs. Shame it didn't work

  11. this just sounds like you trying to justify your own situation more than anything

  12. So when is a person an adult?

  13. Did you not read what I said? She isn't replying to any comments on here because people are telling her the harsh truth here instead of just agreeing with her. Where did I say ai have an issue? Please explain.

  14. Your comment sounded like disapproval. OP found out recently that she's been dumped. Obviously she will seek support.

  15. Disapproval? You mean that she could have helped her marriage years ago but refuses to do it? That she is holding on to a hopeless marriage for whatever reason?

  16. Simply that it's not surprising that she's choosing to post somewhere she's likely to get more sympathy.

  17. He asked for counseling she declined. Maybe you need to go back and reread everything again before commenting. 😂

  18. There's no excuse for cheating. If you aren't happy, you can always divorce.

  19. Nope but not trying makes you responsible for some of the blame. Instead of just seeing cheating, read the whole post and the whole comment and maybe next time you will get it. 🙄

  20. You were clearly suggesting that what he did was understandable.

  21. A couple of times but she said I should pay because I earn more

  22. Nothing, its female privilege, suck it up. Youre a guy its your job to pay.

  23. She makes half the plans. I have never known any woman until now who never pays even for a cup of coffee on dates.

  24. Slept till 2 pm? Did you get enough time to pay your respects?

  25. Getting downvoted lol Sarcasm is lost on the internet

  26. What's the appropriate age for a guy 33-35?

  27. I can only speak for myself but I wouldn't date anyone more than 5-6 years younger or older than me.

  28. It's the witching hour between 3 am and 4 am

  29. Do you really think Scotland will vote for independence?

  30. So I wondered what the situation was like in Spain obviously.

  31. You can run but you can't hide.

  32. You need to find a decent man who has some respect for you.

  33. Just because the men in your life are into porn, doesn't mean all of us are.

  34. There's all sorts of statistics showing the more sex partners a woman has and the more casual she views sex the less likely she'll be able to form a pair bond. They don't know if its because she was always like that in which case she sought out multiple partners or if having multiple partners made her that way . In the end it doesn't matter because the result is the same. As I said humans are dimorphic. No matter what feminists or other want to claim men and women are far different and it goes way beyond psychical appearances. Men don't seem to have this problem. Our brains are simply wired different. Personally I would write off being married to any woman who worked as a sex worker in any capacity, stripping, call girls, prostitutes. Any woman who was in a friend with benefits arrangement, remember pair bonding, any woman who has been in the club scene and rode the carousel until she's in her late twenties and then thinks her body count doesn't matter, or any woman who was ever poly. Sure you could get lucky and find the unicorn but is everything you worked for all your life worth it.

  35. Please share a source for these statistics.

  36. They often decline requests to view CCTV footage. Also, it's kept only for a month after recording so it's possible it'll be deleted before OP can do anything.

  37. This is because of the obligatory 'This bus is being held here to regulate the service ' the longer your journey, the more of these joyful interruptions you get to enjoy! And don't forget the changing of the driver, which always includes lots of nonsense chit chat between the drivers, cause none of us low life passengers need to be anywhere!

  38. Ughh both of those things are so irritating lol

  39. I go through 240 in about 2 weeks, of which I hah e about 200, I drink red label aldi brand these days, anyone remember Yorkshire tea hard water version?? It’s the one that came with a free stringed vest

  40. Try the gold blend at Lidl. It's great!

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