1. Judging from modern Simpsons standards, it's really good. From classic Simpsons standards, it's meh.

  2. he watched what is almost objectively known as the worst season that doesn't represent what the simpsons became and is most known for. In a sense, he sorta hasn't reaaaaally watched the simpsons.

  3. Just wanted to remind everyone that cable news is ripping is apart.

  4. My god ryan martinie is such a good bassist, the debut album he did with mudvayne: ld50, is so crazy is love it. That album was just straight prog metal

  5. Ld50 is the only mudvayne record I love. It's a shame they slowly morphed into generic radio rock

  6. Well there's Jay's - used to be very busy sports "lounge" that would always pack in a lively crowd that shut down because of maintenance issues during COVID and hasn't fully recovered

  7. I would also add billikins smokehouse. There's a backyard area you can simply walk in and they have live music every weekend with dancing. No cover charge but the drinks will be pricey.

  8. Or a piece of fruit? I didn’t know that people “are left to wither and die”. Seems like you two are the ones being dramatic. Calm down

  9. I wake up screaming and crying thinking about the current state of quake 4. Nobody has the right to say anyone is being overly dramatic.

  10. You don't know about Tony? The Fredericksburg squirrel?

  11. I had bottomless mimosas just last fall in southwest VA.. not sure how they got away with it. Thanks for letting me know

  12. Be careful. I ordered a mimosa from Amy's cafe and within minutes, the feds swarmed the place. Lost a lot of good friends that night.

  13. This was in 1920. There was some new rule going around saying alcohol was illegal or something stupid. I didn't think much of it at the time but I got my ass whooped pretty bad

  14. I don’t hate them as much as others in this subreddit, but they never seem very original. Every segment of his I listen to could be done by a standard left leaning college student.

  15. He gives off very strong "naïve yet arrogant college student who drank too many red bulls and insists on telling others how wrong they are" vibes.

  16. I always have a laugh when I see the dislike ratio on his videos. I think it's pretty clear most viewers are not vibing with Kyle's segments.

  17. the "kill count" is the newsworthy aspect, in your opinion? Shootings aren't notable unless people die? ugh.

  18. This is the normal reaction for a lot of people, sadly. There's only so many times you can hear about this before it becomes too routine to care.

  19. Dur hurrrr my team the best! other team shit! they don't never do anything good or credible durrrrr

  20. The quantity wouldn’t matter if the episodes were quality.

  21. I thought this was the direction most of his fans (including truthers) wanted? Let James make the videos he wants, and take all the time he needs. If only we knew how fucking boring the content would be...

  22. He's not scamming people. He'd be scamming them if he promised them something and didnt have any intent in giving it to them. I fail to see how he treated japanese people like zoo animals, and he doesnt need to listen to critiques. If you dont like the show, dont watch it. He doesnt do it for you. He plays games he likes when he likes and he just happens to stream it.

  23. Wait, did he not collect money to film and release a new season of AVG many years ago? And still hasn't released a finished product? Sounds scammy to me. And no, "teaser footage" or roughly cut together clips does not count.

  24. I have a similar issue. A girl told me to text her, I didn't, and I now haven't heard from her in 145 days. Was she just not into me?

  25. thousands of people must have seen this and thought "wtf does a bald guy on a couch have to do with anything"

  26. TFW you rage against the machine so hard you have to hire the machine to protect you and it eventually rages against you by mistake because it's the machine.

  27. Hahahahaha that bothers you? Go rage into your little machine there.

  28. seen here writing a script allowing him to buy bulk quantities of breast enlargement pills the moment they hit the market

  29. I'm going to put on my optimistic hat and say I hope we see something special from him this time. He expressed similar excitement with AVG years ago, but maybe he finally found a project he can complete.

  30. it’s made in Dreams…there’s gonna be nothing playable i guarantee it.

  31. Ok so I actually didn't listen to the song before writing my comment. I take it all back. Everything about this song makes me uncomfortable. It's just... awful.

  32. I think younger generations are more familiar with seeing and experiencing divorce and fractured families. My parents grew up in an age where divorce was frowned upon, so there was a high level of societal pressure to work through marital issues.

  33. I have been unmatched simply because I don't have an instagram, snapchat, or whatever. Apparently this can be seen as suspicious, but I'm glad there are others who equally value their privacy and quality time.

  34. Becky finally works her way upwards in a successful career and they come to the realization this whole boring streaming thing isn't necessary for survival anymore, so they keep the patreon open (why shut down an opportunity for free money) and never officially announce the end of their show.

  35. Stray seems to be getting a lot of praise and good reviews, so I can't see ol' contrarian Fraser being kind to the game if he ever streamed it.

  36. I would like to add another passive aggressive "yup" to the thread

  37. Ever enjoyed a Glory Hole? Oh well, nevermind, if you have to explain it, lol. enjoy the video, take it easy!

  38. It's fascinating you seem convinced your comment was clever when nobody else thinks so

  39. I listened to the recorded call where he broke down in tears and complained about having "too much work"... what unprofessional, disgraceful conduct. I hope this post prevents people from giving him any more money.

  40. My most memorable thing about playing this game was ending it with 4,000 - 5,000 rounds of ammo for each weapon type. And I didn't even spend THAT much effort looting around.

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