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  1. i know once my mom said ‘the amount of restrain you have, you eat one pice of candy and then leave the rest for later’ can’t remember if it was candy or something else but in general I don’t eat an entire bag or packet of anything, in contrast to my brother who needs a day to eat the same thing I would need a week for. on one hand I’m jealous of my brother for being able to eat more on the other, that guy is a giant and has a sort of physically demanding job.

  2. Chick Fil A MURDERS me. I think it’s the peanut oil they use.

  3. I usually dislike them if they’re random people/acquaintances but if it’s a close friend or somebody I can feel vulnerable around then I’m all for it

  4. Yes I do😭 I can’t stand being by myself honestly, I’d even consider calling myself somewhat of a stereotypical extrovert

  5. Focus on your self concept and keep persisting on affirming. Keep affirming that he loves you, or that he’s obsessed with you

  6. That’s so interesting! No wonder why my earbuds have fallen out at certain times I’d listen to a specific sub playlist.. then I’d put my earbuds back in and keep listening and I’d be in a shitty mood all day because of the sub lol

  7. I think her reaction speaks louder to how their family has coped with hardships in life, staying silent and doing anything else than actually handling the situation. In order to keep their family intact, possibly starting with Cal supporting his girlfriend to keep the child and start a family, instead of going to university or staying true to his feelings. Definitely an action of in-action speaking louder than words.

  8. I agree, and Nate views his mother as weak and quiet spoken, and it definitely shows in that scene. She doesn’t even try to put up a fight

  9. they never even acknowledged mckay’s sexual assault which is so weird to me

  10. This storyline is messy af and it’s confusing me. Literally half of the things in S1 are totally unaddressed and I can’t keep up bahaha

  11. also nate was such a fucking weirdo when he was pressing mckay abt fucking Cass and where he nutted. I wanna take a shower after that

  12. Please do. It can be really hard for a lot of people to see what's wrong until they're out the other side, so keep working away at getting better. Best of luck. I'm sure you can knock it.

  13. This is so sweet, thank you!! I’ve been in a sorta quasi-recovery state and I’ve just started to dive into full recovery

  14. I’m still in highschool but I prob am most like Maddy in a confidence and popularity sense, but I also have bits of Fez, Cassie, and Kat

  15. you still listen all the playlists constantly everyday? it won't work if other day u listen this and other day that.

  16. No. I listen when I want to. Some days I’ll listen to a body playlist, then a different day I might listen to a desired face playlist. Listening less helps me detach and releases an urge to over listen, which can ALSO mess up your results

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