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  1. Oh yeah, but in ck3 therr is almost no differencw between playing as a christian and a muslim or others beyond the asatru, so its not that different from ck2

  2. Thats... not really true. The religious mechanics are different for every religion you play.

  3. Check us out -- Almost There But Not Really ("ATBNR"). Indie rock and Shoegaze adjacent throwing in some post-punk and dreampop- we're a Latnix/o/e band from the South Side of Chicago.

  4. Overmono, kali malone, purple mountains and the newest big thief album Irv

  5. Good to know! Does it feel clunky compared to EU4?

  6. It does at first but you get used to it fast. Wars require arguably a lot more micro, and it's easy to make mistakes if you don't pay attention to the details (in wars.)

  7. The endgame is no one gives a fuck about you if you aren't them.

  8. Pretty sure elliott was diagnosed with adhd very early on and was on amphetamine medication for much of his life. It explains a lot tbh.

  9. He might have... I'm not sure if he talked about it in an interview, but it's mentioned by a lot of his friends in oral histories and interviews with them, I'm pretty sure his dad brought it up too, his dad was a psychiatrist. Elliott also mentions amphetamines in a lot of his songs, and had amphetamine medication (legally prescribed) in his blood when they did his autopsy. Chiba mentions it in some interviews, I think other girlfriends of his do too.

  10. Flake, crack. Yayo, coke. Psychite tea, coca tea. Wake up, amphetamine. Go juice, stronger Sci fi amphetamine. Ambrosia, probly like poppy seed tea or some kind of opiate like plant. Luciferium, what my mom told me angel dust was like, but nanomachines.

  11. I'm not too sure about this but "beer" might be the in-game equivalent of Bud Lite

  12. Its all home brewed tho. It's like small batch craft beer, pure hops too. All pale ales.

  13. I find it to be pretty easy when I play with my monitor on. Usually play with the monitor off and use audio alone. Much more rewarding gameplay.

  14. Hell, I don't use medicine for that exact reason, I tend those injuries on the spot. Medical care is for the weak.

  15. Doctor care, no medicine all the way. Only medical skill 4 or below allowed to tend. LoSiNg Is FuN

  16. Its my personal favorite, even though it doesn’t quite hit the same highs as Tim or Let It Be. A lot of people dog on the album for being slow, somber and over produced. I think though if you appreciate the album for what it is rather than what it’s not, it’s easy to see that “Don’t tell a Soul” is the most coherent and well made post-Bobby replacements album.

  17. It has great songs too. It's uh... an album for ppl in their 30s. Also the goo goo dolls favorite mats album which makes me feel weird about it. But I've always loved it.

  18. The bridge on shooting star is bad but otherwise a great song. I would have added more content from his first album with his non falsetto voice

  19. No one gets on with you very long cuz you don't feel bad when you lie

  20. I DO NOT like I love my room but it gets stuck in my head like twice a week bc my brain likes to torment me so my bf (who also likes to torment me) refers to it as my favorite song and sings it constantly and will j be like "oh our room... I... Love it.." so personally that song has ruined my life

  21. I can just go right in and sit right down and watch the tooooowwwwwwnnnnnn.

  22. Its not the fact that there's an ending thats bad I guess, it's just how bad the ending is.

  23. I was jokingly asking Op... like it's not the amount of hours it's the time it's been since they've played.

  24. I go to the bar and they scan my ID. Where's the outrage there over data breaches?

  25. Most bars I go to barely look at the ID much less scan it. Idk where you're going.

  26. Well of course their isn’t a right or wrong way, I just don’t like to because I wanna pick something and stick with it😂 It’s not even that high, it’s strive to survive

  27. I always play adventure story and it can be hard at times too, sometimes brutally so. But I feel like success is at least possible. Strive to survive seems unfairly brutal to me at times. I've got close to 400 hours, most of it on older patches though. I prefer adventure story. If that becomes too easy maybe I can go up.

  28. Given they can’t do much without explicit instruction I assume they’d watch as their little pawns wander around and eventually die to the elements.

  29. Well... you can't stay young. But you can stay productive.

  30. The dining room should be where research base is and vice versa. You don't really need two research tables this early. I also find the colonists names a little... void of personality, shall we say? Also you don't need to necessarily store chunks inside. Other than that it looks good. It's roomy. Take advantage of the space and make them live more in the bigger rooms. Also definitely build less out of wood. That thing is a tinderbox just waiting to go up in flames.

  31. It's easier and helps me to quickly identify what pawns do what tasks (based on their strengths) and what should I use instead of wood floors that look nice?

  32. I get it, I'm just giving ya my opinion. Totally understand why. Some wood floors are fine but if it's wood floors I'd use stone walls. If wood walls I'd use stone tiled floors. Cut some of those chunks and turn them into stone blocks. Takes longer to build with but much more stable and not flammable.

  33. Yeah he should have just quit after I love my room. It's all downhill from there.

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