1. You can buy a proper detached family home in Calgary and Edmonton for $400,000. At that price it will be older and need some work, for $500,000 you can get a nice home (especially in Edmonton)

  2. You can get a brand new freehold townhouse for 350k in Edmonton.

  3. So in Dec. 2019 those units were worth $365k each and in Feb. 2022 someone sold for $836k. They appreciated 18k per month for 26 months.

  4. If you got a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris at 110k. That thing would be just pass the break-in period. Unfortunately you choose a GM product at 110k it's already in the breaking period. Would highly recommend a Honda or Toyota for your next car.

  5. Why are condo apartments in Oakville so much more expensive than anywhere else? Do they just not have many one the few they have are really high end?

  6. Oakville is mostly full of rich people.

  7. I am going paycheque to 3 days before paycheque.

  8. Where a author writes a sentence.

  9. Literally? No. A lot of African countries don’t have universal healthcare. Southeast Asia as well. But if you restrict that to the so-called “developed world”, then the US pretty much stands alone in that regard.

  10. If you read the rest of my comment mentioned developing and undeveloped countries.

  11. Brah... We got rid of provincial gas tax...

  12. That caliper thing sounds sketchy. Unless they are leaking damaged or seized there is no reason to replace them. Calipers are not wearing item they don't get replaced because they are old.

  13. Alberta no frills has 5gk chicken thighs for 12 bucks. Chicken has been pretty cheap. FreshCo has whole chicken for 1.99/lb. Chicken is not that expensive, I find vegetables prices are way out of whack.

  14. Went with a double battery setup but also have two more in the rear top bag for a total of four 80 ah

  15. What's the range and top speed?

  16. Foot rubs from anyone other than your partner is just weird especially your kids. Just use a massage gun.

  17. So then you tip the guy stocking shelves at the grocery store? The checkout girl? The person tearing tickets at the movies? The guy folding clothes at the gap?

  18. I tip myself at self checkout with free bags

  19. Mehh .. this guy has a painting beside Mona Lisa

  20. No. Two people's 110k/year = 24k more than 1 person making 220k/year after taxes I believe is what he's saying.

  21. Ok.. I am willing to pay the extra 24000k in taxes. Just need my employer to pay me 220k.

  22. Pretty sure Hank was in every episode.

  23. I feel like you need a heavy vehicle to live in Calgary.

  24. That's a myth, I live in Edmonton got by with my Honda civic just fine. Snow tires are the key.

  25. Rent up 28% yoy in London Ontario, glad I moved to Calgary from that shithole a year ago.

  26. According to this sub "just move" doesn't work, it's a national crisis. Even though Alberta has high paying jobs and pretty affordable.

  27. It doesn't work, because if everyone did that then those places would become unaffordable.

  28. Then you move outside of Kamloops. You can keep complaining till cow comes home but can can't force people to sell their million dollar home for 100k.

  29. I work remotely and was contemplating making the move from Toronto, but I’m deeply worried about racism and what my kids may face as a visible minority in smaller towns.

  30. I see this type of questions alot on this sub. The truth is you have to visit the place to get the vibes of the town or city. I have people questioned if edmonton is too racist. You will be surprised how racially diverse Edmonton and Calgary is. As a visible minority myself, I can say never at one point where I feel I dont fit in. As for my 4 year old son, his daycare has Asians, Blacks, Whites, Browns and other kids from different backgrounds. And he has made friends with the kids in class no problem at all. I would recommend do more road trips to cities you are interested in moving to, but dont just go to touristy areas. Try visiting the local groceries stores see how people go about their lives. And decided if you see yourselves being one of them.

  31. I know it’s a typo but man would I love to be able to buy a house for $300…

  32. You can buy a apartment for 50k in edmonton. Not a typo

  33. Where is this based in? Which homeless population are you trying to help? How are you going to house them? How are they going to sustain living in a dwelling? Do they have to pay rent? Are you going to help them find a job?

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