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  1. "Totally ethically" is like Ned Starking it, or Jon Snow'n the situation. One does not simply live ethically 100% of the time.🤭

  2. Ned Stark I'd agree with, but Jon Snow definitely had some questionable moments. Remember when he

  3. Definitely either testing how good your friendship is or straight up wanted to hit that. Or maybe she's rabid idk her life

  4. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, the weed is just a bonus.

  5. I certainly plan too. Brewing cider to be opened on Christmas day

  6. I was confused for a good moment after reading that as 'UMIES

  7. I read the first one as Brits, then the second one and Urines

  8. Exactly or the best one of all...."shit, we need milk" goes the shop spend £40+ on things on offer...."ffs, I forgot the milk"

  9. Went to the shop round the corner for a loaf of bread the other day. Came back with booze, biscuits and jalapeno peppers.

  10. I have to say I agree with her. I was home schooled by my mum, who was actually a teacher and good at her job, but I would meet so many homeschool kids who weren't taught anything! I knew kids 10 or 11 year old who couldn't read or write. England needs a better governing body over homeschooling, with kids and parents being assessed to see if they are actually being taught anything

  11. OP probably poops after shower.

  12. We all know the best way is to poop during the shower and save water

  13. and yet you still watched and felt the urge to comment. Weird flex dude.

  14. Decarbing is great, but you can achieve the same effect with a vaporiser, and get high twice on the same bud. Vape your bud, then save up all the brown spent herb that comes out, and you can eat it without decarbing and still get high!

  15. When I was ages like 12-15 I would purposely get in arguments with people online, even if I knew I was in the wrong, just because I found it fun. In other news I have a severe lack in dopamine due to ADHD

  16. I had a game where I would see how long of a paragraph I could get from someone in response to a single sentence designed to piss them off

  17. Or being hacked… a dirty nude projecting in your eyes in the middle of a business meeting

  18. I can afford few things, it feels goood for a while but cant replace things thats not materialistic...like being tied up, whipped and called little slut by my partner.

  19. I can pay someone to tie me up, whip me and call me a little slut

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