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  1. Gate, guard house, stairs for the defending side, ladders for the attacking side?

  2. I was thinking that too, actually. Battering ram on wheels might be cool as well.

  3. Will do. Once I get the values, If I decide to sell, is there a preferred method/site for selling? I’m sorry I know nothing about Pokémon cards. I’m trying to help my sister-in-law.

  4. The lore implies that yes, in fact, humans share an evolutionary tree with pokemon.

  5. No gluing is needed. They are all snap-fit kits. However you may want a file to sand the mold lines and nubs. You will also want a set of nippers to cut the pieces from the frame. None of that is required though. Pieces come molded in color, but some parts may be pre painted.

  6. You should be fine. From what I remember you don’t fight Devimon at the mansion. You fight him later on in the game, in the “final area”. I don’t recall ever seeing him in the mansion, though I could be wrong

  7. It's the Necron (Robot Legions) Supreme Commander, so named unit on a unique base. It has two drone style support models that accompany it.

  8. Someone likes Gojulas Giga. It's like Pteramander and Gojulas Giga had a child

  9. Is that the Speed Duel one? Or is there another Battle City box for the regular card game?

  10. It's speed duel, yeah, but the cards are the same except for the "speed duel" stamp. They are legal in regular games.

  11. Looks great! I want to get my tiamat together from Lord of the Print as well. It looks like fun project

  12. What version is picture 5? I'm not familiar with that armor upgrade.

  13. I will protect this greymon sub species with my life

  14. Why not? Also it was my friend's request. She really likes lilithmon and renamon.

  15. How did you resize? My print can only fit cards that aren't sleeved, and I can't find a way to get a full deck in there with sleeves.

  16. I used to resize tool in Cura to increase it by 25%. At that size it's basically a perfect fit for a full deck, eggs, side deck, and memory counter cards (all sleeved), plus a little side space for a memory counter token or dice.

  17. Pokemon has tons of generic draw and search so, no, this is about par for the course.

  18. The Machinedramon one i made for myself. The other two are gifts.

  19. That depends entirely on the creativity of your party and the circumstances you put them in

  20. That crease and the weathering on the corners is going to take that down the heavily played at least. First edition though. You might find people interested in buying it

  21. When you construct a deck, try to have a goal in mind. What is your win condition, and how do you get there? I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but this is a pile of cards without a real strategy. If your play group is also playing pile decks then that's fine, but this won't cut it in any competitive scene.

  22. Put them in deck boxes. You can get them pretty cheap for basic ones (around $5) and some even come with sleeves.

  23. The aos dark elves have a snake queen named Morathi that fills a similar role.

  24. Probably cut Mimi first unless you are facing a lot of option heavy decks in your meta. Mimi effectively only makes a single option card cost 1 more per turn, which is neat but you can probably do better.

  25. Birds are really dexterous with their beaks. You can watch videos of crows making tools out of wires and sticks using their beaks and feet. Maybe your race does something similar?

  26. I was already going to give them tool proficiency, but I'm not sure what else to add related to that really.

  27. What I'm saying here is that a creature doesn't NEED hands. It can carry a weapon in its mouth and use feet to operate devices.

  28. You are probably looking for something in the range of a 400 mm round base.

  29. Thanks! I'll see what that looks like in some modeling software.

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