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  1. I mean I work 10-12 hours a day in a hot kitchen. If I don't have time to shower when I get off I'm doing everybody in the room a favor by keeping them on tbh

  2. You realize to some people 2k is not that much money right?

  3. If anything, like the tweet implies, the tip should be based on how much time do you spend there.

  4. Why is this getting downvoted? Servers have table sections. The longer a tables stays in their section, the less opportunity they have to make money

  5. I can't be comfortable with someone UNLESS I can sit in silence with them

  6. extroverts typically process things through conversations so the silence probably comes across as unfriendly or possible borderline shady

  7. It depend on the nature of the show. The restaurant I work at has a drag brunch every 3rd Sunday of the month. They just wear pretty dresses and sing their asses off. It's totally kid friendly

  8. Can you walk through society seeing an asscheek without physically assaulting that person? If yes, then why do you care? Sure don't have your literal genitals hanging out but an asscheek isn't gonna kill anyone.

  9. I don't even agree with OP. I love seeing some cheeks in the wild. I thought you were saying people should be able to see butt cheeks without being sexually attracted to them

  10. No lol just that self control is a virtue and it's enabled us to live in a society where we don't all have to dress in clothing head to toe for no reason like some middle eastern nations.

  11. Yeah I would strongly agree that even if people were to leave the house nude, people should still be able to show enough restraint to avoid harassment and sexual violence

  12. Oh ABSOLUTELY. But we gotta start small, because apparently that’s already controversial T_T

  13. Everything's too fkn messy in politics now. The problem is you can never tell what's someone means. When conversations go...

  14. When the terf says "41 percent" haha what a joke

  15. I don't feel like the majority of people accept 41% jokes

  16. If majority didn't accept the 41 percent jokes then there would not be the said 41 percent

  17. I disagree. I think it is completely possible for people to disagree politically or ideologically or even be bigoted without thinking suicide is funny. Fundamentalist religious people would be good example because by definition they would be against sexual transitions and suicide.

  18. It's not the joke, it's the fact that it was said to someones (digital) face. They clearly weren't over it, since they still cared enough to vent in reddit. Maybe you can laugh at someone else, but if someone disrespected YOUR situation you wouldn't be laughing.

  19. some people use humor to deal with traumatic events

  20. They didn't make the joke though. How do you know they would be helped by it and not insulted or upset?

  21. I don't. And neither do you. Personally I would only be interested in hearing the perspective of the person who originally shared the story

  22. Well the knifes not gunna be sharp long when it's going through this shit

  23. I don't think that many people will actively avoid someone for wearing lipstick lmao

  24. if there are people who do, then I think I'd prefer to be avoided by them. I'm not wearing lipstick, but guess I'll go put some on now!

  25. What I like to see is people wearing what they're comfortable/feel good in. Life is too short to worry about how other people want to see you

  26. It absolutely can but like most drugs it's a slippery slope and best used in social situations. Drinking alone is usually the line that is crossed that turns it into a problem for people.

  27. I agree. I'm all for having a drink or two at the end of the day, but you also can't deny that's the line in the sand many people cross that leads them to abuse. Same with cigs, drugs, etc. It the hard stop from social to habitual and some can't control that habitual use.

  28. Yeah I think alot of it is knowing yourself. Life's not always fair. Some people can have more restraint in some areas than others.

  29. Redditors thinking their awkwardness and inability to socialize is actually introversion is a tale as old as this site.

  30. What about what OP said would make you think this?

  31. Most people are balanced between the two. True introverts are actually not that common, it's usually people with social anxiety, shyness etc. using being an introvert to hide their difficulty & discomfort of being around others. On one hand they want to be more outgoing and around others but the fear of judgement etc. means they tend to actively avoid it. When they do, it takes a lot of effort because they're struggling with their mental illness (not simply because of stimulus overload).

  32. Unless I'm misunderstanding you I don't think this is true at all. Extroversion is a big 5 personality trait. If you score below 50 you are introverted. Everyone is technically one or the other. Introverts can like to socialize, the problem is they have a dopamine intolerance and will eventually start feeling physically tired from it. Same way extroverts have an intolerance to the chemical the brain produces during deep thought (I forget what it's called). It literally all has to do with chemical tolerances in the brain

  33. If you are that susceptible to emotional damage from stranger being mean to you in a game, you probably aren't old enough for the rating on the back of the box.

  34. I'm not a big fan or supporter of cops, but I used to do grunt shit and speaking this way in combat is routine.

  35. I might be wrong but don't you HAVE to say your armed and will shoot before shooting? Isn't it similar to how you need to brandish your weapon before firing?

  36. I would say most of the time people don't want to express their true feelings because they don't want to deal with other people expressing their true feeling about what they said in return

  37. I'm not a huge fan myself but he is one of the last people that will jump off the side of a fucking mountain and grab onto a damn moving helicopter and drop 200ft into a tank filled with sharks or some shit

  38. Taste is subjective and sometimes genetic. There are people who get soapy taste from cilantro. Many people nowadays think the world should be how they like it. These people need to learn the differences are normal and okay.

  39. 100% I could be wrong about this but I heard that people who like bitter are often sensitive to sour and vice versa. It made alot of sense to me because I've always had to force down fruit (which alot of people think is crazy) but LOVE black coffee, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, unsweetened tea ect.

  40. Altogether I have a problem with the argument that American food isnt authentic or real.

  41. the Soviet Union invented tetris and also won the space race. People are passionate about making video games, you would still get your video games under socialism, the entire idea is that people would have more time to devote to their passions, while also having more agency over them as well. think of the microtransactions ruining video games rn, just wouldn't be a thing under socialism, you should read some Marx if you haven't already

  42. I can understand that but I also think your placing some values on me that I don't have. Almost every great game I've played in my life was either American or Japanese (with some from Korea, Poland, England) my favorite game is FF14, which I've gladly spent several hundred dollars on, and will continue to do so because it's worth it for me because of the value of the product.

  43. Yes I certainly believe capitalism is great for building societies and pushing technological progress but capitalism is NOT great at taking care of its citizens and keeping them happy. I believe balancing the two and slowly introducing socialist concepts is the best strategy. That's what I mean by identifying as a socdem

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