1. The male libido, Socrates said, is like being chained to a madman.

  2. Very good kiddo. I hope your parents will put the original up on the fridge!

  3. Patriots draft Tom Brady. He then goes undrafted, never sets foot on an NFL playing field, and 9/11 never happens(for obvious reasons).

  4. Was this article written by advanced AI, or unadvanced human?

  5. My aunt is a physical therapist. The amount of people she sees every month that have lifelong injuries from simply falling while walking is astounding. Not even on snow or ice. Just tripping on the sidewalk or down stairs at a house

  6. It’s nothing compared to these horrible stories of paralysis, but I slipped in my living room and landed very badly on my elbow resulting in a compound fracture(bone sticking out, blood everywhere). The docs fixed me up pretty good but I still ended up with post-traumatic arthritis, and am in pain pretty much every day of my life. One little mis-step and such a big quality of life impact.

  7. $125 is for the whole hour, even if you finish really fast.

  8. I like poetry and I like cumming, so it seemed like a natural intersection.

  9. Enough(and the right kind of)drugs and you can sleep whenever you want and wake up whenever you want. Just got to find the right fit for you.

  10. My Grandma always told me I was a good boy, then a handsome man, then a great husband to my wife and the best father to my child. You’re doing so good, there’s so much to be proud of. Nice try, Mammaw. I love you, but I never bought any of it.

  11. Maybe she’s mad because you mutilated her and you’re an asshole who doesn’t deserve a dog? Just a guess though idk

  12. Well, aren't you a judgemental twat, making stupid assumptions with zero information.

  13. Well, it was a good run. Got a lot of enjoyment out of this sub while Saul was running. But this is the kind of bullshit that passes for content now…

  14. God you’re stupid. We will never to be able to beat assholes like Desantis if the people fighting against him are as gullible as OP, believing this shit.

  15. I have a high opinion of Dr. Pepper(the drink). Dr. Pepper(the doctor), however…well that’s a different story.

  16. The left could accomplish more on extremely important issues like economic inequality and climate change if we didn’t spend so much time on arguing about trans people. Such a small population for such an oversized debate, and we could use that energy to move the Overton Window on so much more impactful issues.

  17. Jesus gets me, putting that dump truck ass in his ad.

  18. And according to his writing ability, that was about 2 years ago.

  19. Wingstop is taking entirely too long on game day. Let’s hear this guy out.

  20. ACAB includes dogs. Unfortunately, these are not good boys.

  21. I understand that the issue of any trans woman being convicted of violent and sexual offences is a highly emotive subject and that the public concern is understandable.

  22. There is a suggestion now, and it has taken root: trans women’s pose an inherent threat to women.

  23. At least we know what to do the next time a female comes ashore.

  24. Max is the best written character objectively with the best arc. Her storyline is insane. She's my personal favorite for multiple reasons but mostly cause she's very relatable for me. It's ok if you don't like her as much but writing wise there's no debating that the writers did her the best. I'd argue Steve would be up there but they didn't do much with him in season 4

  25. You objectively don’t know what objectively means.

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