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  1. As food for thought, in most (all?) previous hiking cycles the terminal Fed funds rate ended up above the rate of inflation.

  2. I think I saw that we’ve never recovered from inflation above 6% without pushing rates above inflation. Maybe this’ll be the time! Or ….

  3. Just read up on 1930’s Germany or, more appropriately, 1920’s Italy. When one party takes over the media, and soon after that becomes above the law, that’s fascism. That’s the USA right now. In New Mexico this week a far right election official refused to certify an election that was won by a democrat. This is going to happen from coast to coast from now on, indefinitely. Democracy is dead in the USA.

  4. I went to look up the New Mexico thing thinking "it couldn't be as bad as that" and it just gets crazier and crazier.

  5. The tasks gave me all my shines. You gotta do them. Like 1 in 5 tasks would give you a shiny thru my personal play.

  6. Rural player here. Might as well have not been an event

  7. Sitting at 1 for 15 hours of Go Fest and 0 for this.

  8. I’ve done well over fifty submissions and never have I ever even gotten a response via email from wayfarer. It’s really frustrating, because I see stops that are like, “old domesticated turd” and it’s a picture of a squirrel. Then I submit a church and nothing

  9. Sounds like something is broken. Might want to check what email is attached to your account and try to troubleshoot. You should get a submission acknowledgement email at least right after each submission. Do you go onto the wayfarer site to manage your submissions? Go here and login with the same ID as your game:

  10. Saturday: 8 hours play, 430 catches, 2 shinies. Sunday: 4 hours play, 200 catches, 1 shiny. Person I played with had zero shinies over 2 days. Similar playstyles. Both ticket holders. By comparison, at last year's Go Fest, with similar play, got 12 shinies over 2 days.

  11. My son and I played a total of about 14 hours. Many hundreds of catches each. Total of 1 shiny and it was a larvitar, not one of the new ones. Ugh

  12. Worked for me just now too, just before 3p central.

  13. It literally says “everything included with Amazon prime”

  14. Very respectfully: it says you get "everything included with Amazon prime", lists other items, and quotes a price higher than amazon prime. A straightforward interpretation of what I posted would be that Prime + Prime Gaming is 14.99 per month (which is more than prime costs).

  15. Prime costs $14.99/mo. Price increased in Feb. Prime Gaming is included in Prime.

  16. Ahh... shoot... this is what I was missing. I pay the $139 annually so it works out to about $11.58/month

  17. As a science teacher, I have designed, ordered to bei printed on UV protected aluminium and put up an info board about a lokal bird species.

  18. This is the way. I’m rural and I learned to make brass plaques and got about 20 stops and gyms approved that way. Trail signs, plaques for notable features, etc. The mayor loves them!

  19. I don't even play Pokémon and I want this.

  20. I found it on Etsy pretty fast. Link got deleted by automod.

  21. PSA: It's affecting friendship level ups too, save those lucky eggs for when the server is fixed (learned by direct experience)

  22. I did a lucky egg and 6 friend level ups this evening about 4 hours ago. 5 notifications and xp arrived immediately, the last is still missing (notification AND the xp). So, yup, I agree with OP (Edit: Yes I restarted app and phone and refreshed data trying to get the do during the egg)

  23. The service aircraft built after these tests and incorporating the concept, the Dornier Do 335, was Germany’s fastest propeller plane of World War II !!

  24. If this thing beats SLS to launch there will be much laughter

  25. Am I high or is op trying to suggest a bear market but in his chart you can see it kept going up for a year after QT started.

  26. An 8k UHD resolution of the City of Caral-Supe, in a dense banyan forest covered in fog and mist by Greg Rutkowski and Thomas Kinkade, Trending on art station.

  27. You shared the prompt, on something interesting, right away without anyone asking. You get an upvote and an award! :)

  28. Whoa, I think I found some of the same spaceship latent space on Nightcafe:

  29. That one has the text, yes. Other one still doesn’t. What is the difference?

  30. okay, I checked them at my desk. The first is a direct link to the .gif (look at the end of the link), that's going to show the video. The second is a link to an imgur page which can contain other content.

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