1. I'm still looking for sola scriptura in the Bible. Any help? All I could find is John 21:25 :(

  2. Most prots just quote 2 Timothy 3:16-17 at you and pretend that there's a secret invisible "only" somewhere in the sentence.

  3. Where does God himself say women cannot be priests? Like God, his actual word, not what someone is claiming he said.

  4. Anything declared infallibly by the Magisterium is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  5. Theistic evolution is still creationism, it just isn't young Earth creationism.

  6. In addition to the other comments, there is clear implication from the passage with Elisha that the young men were not merely mocking him; they intended violence themselves. Imagine what your reaction would be if you were a lone traveler approaching a city and at least forty-two young men ran out and started jeering at you.

  7. If you win the whole world you can make it a better place, I think sacrificing your soul is a valid option.

  8. No you wouldn't. Even if such a thing were possible, Satan would never make a deal that would ultimately reduce human suffering. It's kind of the exact opposite of his goal.

  9. Some imagery of a staff that Satan was holding and comparing it to a staff that Pope Francis had.

  10. Oh yeah, that one. Yeah, there's little point in arguing with people who insist that if they can squint at something in a certain way while holding their head at a certain angle and it looks kinda like the devil then it's clear proof of satanism. You might as well counterargue that their church is satanic because the cross they display is just a satanic cross turned upside down.

  11. Yeah but you kept punching the product at the start of your work day.

  12. sorry, I didn't know it was called that

  13. It is a cracker or wafer up until the moment when the priest consecrates it.

  14. Meaning what? In a long term relationship? Hooking up on Grindr on a regular basis? Or simply having let others know about their attractions? The last one is not a sin.

  15. So what would you say if i told you i was openly panromantic asexual and that being gay is absolutely not a choice

  16. It has no bearing on the discussion. "Existing whilst having X desire" is not and has never been a sin, even if that desire is disordered and would be sinful to act upon.

  17. If Judas is in hell it is more for his despair and suicide than his actual betrayal. The gospel account seems to leave little room for productive contrition, which is why some traditions (not the Apostolic one) hold that he must be in hell.

  18. It's pretty simple really. The Earth is our home.

  19. But, using your home analogy, our lifestyles do impact our home. Like, if I just dumped food waste into the kitchen sink, the pipes would get clogged up, if I walked around the house in muddy shoes, the floor would be dirty and so on and so forth. If our lifestyle went completely out of control, the home would soon be in disrepair. So human action can certainly have a impact on our home, for good or for ill. Just like how we discipline our children to live in a certain way, to preserve the home and make a pleasant and harmonious living environment, we also need to discipline ourselves in regard to how we treat the Earth, no? And discipline requires some degree of sacrifice and self restraint.

  20. That basically is the point I making. We should care about the environment because and to the extent that it benefits us. But some extreme environmentalists place the welfare of nature above the welfare of humans and push antinatalism or have no regard for the poor living in regions where fossil fuels are practically the sole source of employment.

  21. Wow so you want people to come back to the church but you can be excommunicated by recording your confession thats incredibly stupid

  22. Excommunication is a call to return to the church.

  23. An AI lacks the criteria that would make baptism either effective or necessary. An AI is not a descendent of Adam so it can't be stained by original, and it isn't created in God's image so we have no reason to believe that God would choose to ensoul it.

  24. That term boggles my mind. It's like the opposite of a euphemism. It's just a department that takes care of work related to employees but somehow they found the most degrading term possible that isn't a straight up insult. "human material" might be a tad worse but that's about all I can think of.

  25. Tbf, actually treating human beings like a resource that is valuable to the company would be a major step up in many cases.

  26. I agree, the constant splintering of the One Body will never stop. It's an ongoing tragedy.

  27. I still want a single unified church, I just want it to be under my protestant tradition :^)

  28. If that statement doesn't sum up the whole Protestant mindset I don't know what does.

  29. A Catholic turned me into a newt!

  30. I was raised a Catholic in Northern Ireland, went to Catholic schools and interestingly this concept is never tought.

  31. Adam and Eve were real people. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong, and any self-professed Catholic who thinks otherwise is a heretic. Whether Adam and Eve called each other by those exact names and how much of the story of the fall is literal is up for debate ([CCC 390]) but they definitely existed.

  32. Tell them BCE is "Before Christ Existed" and CE is "Christ Exists"

  33. Except there was never a time when Christ didn't exist

  34. You might want to jump in on Fr. Mike Schmitz's

  35. "Oh, you know the Bible well? Recite 2 Maccabees chapter 12."

  36. A modern bird is more closely related to a T-Rex than a T-Rex is to a triceratops. So if a T-Rex is a dinosaur, but a bird is not, that would mean that a triceratops most certainly isn't.

  37. Why does it have to be that the only two options are eternal torture and suffering and eternal happiness? Couldn’t there be some sort of medium or in-between?

  38. How would that even work? You can't have your sins kinda forgiven and be in quasi-communion with God, dwelling in eternal okayness a little off to the side of the foot of the throne of the Almighty.

  39. Where does it say in scripture it’s ok to watch veggies dress up as Moses.

  40. It doesn't. Fortunately as Catholics we also have the Apostolic Tradition, which states that Moses did in fact look and talk exactly like Pa Grape.

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