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  1. I am enjoying this game enough. Not great, not terrible. It feels like 2022s version of The Order 1886. Great visuals, great sound, outdated gameplay, and too many similar enemies.

  2. Looked like white paint immediately to me

  3. I saw a distinct shine for about 3 seconds then it went away.

  4. More like put into a random attachment generator

  5. Manage expectactions, if you like sifi/dead space you'll enjoy it but it's not a masterpiece. It's a solid shorter game. The sound design and graphics are incredible I highly advise headphones.

  6. You guys have trouble getting 3 kills in a row?

  7. Was not expecting this an got a good laugh

  8. I'm just here to sell CCs on run ups of my favorite stock.

  9. Yea, there are 200 recorded cases of people spontaneously combusting. Just out and about, enjoying life, and then all of a sudden you’re on fire.

  10. Uhhh, I'm gonna need some more details there boss.

  11. I’m sure the hit will fix his previous brain damage.

  12. It's called percussive maintenance and it works!

  13. I just don't get the paddle controller hate. It saves my thumbs lol

  14. If only there was one that could prevent something like this.

  15. Is it due to the fact that this was allowed to happen? Or knowing there's no god to prevent that could prevent that atrocious event?

  16. Par for the course for someone in a relationship with a person that has a moustache tattoo

  17. These are my thoughts exactly. I hate that 7/10 = bad game today.

  18. Expectations for this game were much higher than what was delivered and the pc version is supposedly plagued with performance issues. I was looking forward to the game, but I ultimately decided against buying it for full price.

  19. Idk where the expectation was so high from. I knew this was gonna be a dead space clome with not a ton of innovation. It's well done imo

  20. so CC's on any GME earnings run up with short expiration?

  21. Idk I have 30s open for Friday. I'll probably close them on Tuesday

  22. for real, whos even heard of this "Gamespot" before /s

  23. Considering they are one of the few bad reviews yeah it's cherry picking. Look at metacritic. Mostly positive with a chunk of mixed at 76.

  24. Apparently picking a review from the one of the 2 most popular game review sites is cherry picking.

  25. I'm just saying, the game has gameplay from 2011, but it is a lot of fun if you are a si-fi horror fan. Especially if you are a big fan of Dead Space. It does not deserve 5/10. 7/10 is fair, but I'd personally rate it one point higher.

  26. You bet your bottom dollar I'll plat this again on the PS4 version in a few months.

  27. Your nose airways have special structures that heat up and moisturize the incoming air before it hits the lungs. The walls of the airways are also covered in mucus to which bacteria, dust etc. tend to stick, and they also have specialized cells with structures that make kinda sweeping motions to get those stuck bacteria and dust particles back out the way they came. So when breathing through your nose your lungs are overall better protected from the dangers of the outside air.

  28. So what happens to all the dust we breath in every day? There is always airborne dust in the house, no matter how much cleaning you do. Does it just stay in your lungs for the rest of your life? Or does it get absorbed somehow. No way your nose can prevent all of it from going into the lungs.

  29. Judging by the 34% negative score on steam (up from 21% when I last checked yesterday) and the countless reviews saying so... Really bad.

  30. It's definitely localized to PC. Playing on PS5 with no stuttering at all.

  31. Remember: he said the same about The Last of Us Part 2, and recommended Cyberpunk 2077 on launch week.

  32. Metacritic has it at a 76. Seems like a solid experience, not a GOW Ragnarok, but I mean obviously lol

  33. That would be nice except it seems too short.

  34. Short is fine as long as it's quality. More memorable that way.

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