1. LOL stop with this trap, people can read your comment history fool.

  2. Saw this and thought, huh I could use a new watch. Let me check them out.

  3. watch this space next tuesday, if i win the lotto i will get you one.

  4. I want to say it is because of the stake logo but.. it really isn’t pleasing to the eyes as a whole

  5. i guess we can hire a local taxi driver because he will surely know the city

  6. us a year ago with shady ties to a russian oligarch, us this year (possibly) with 2 ukraine internationals in our team. I call this great character development. Just hope we aren’t sold to some saudi consortium please please please

  7. would love lampard to win this one. the shites are betting on lampard to fail spectacularly and i am hoping it goes otherwise.

  8. You're paying extra for the experience and atmosphere. That's the way to look at it.

  9. that’s a a lot fair lot of experience and atmosphere you are enjoying

  10. i really wouldn’t mind some everton songs from taylor swif to be hair

  11. we have been doing everything so well… just not on the pitch, now they are taking everything else away …

  12. Who had "sell soul of the club to the highest bidder" on their bingo card a couple weeks ago? I certainly didn't, but here we are... Ugh.

  13. when we promoted in such style and that 2-3 come back against crystal palace i was pretty sure someone offered our souls to satan

  14. Anyone else staying tuned in just to hear what Southgate has to say for himself. It's like a morbid curiosity

  15. understand your anger but have you really never watched any of rafa benitez’s matches?

  16. no it is more like jasmy holders had already lost so much there is no point in them panic selling during this dip

  17. are you sure? I heard we are paying in crypto apparently 300 million luna or something and stake is offering to pay half according to the sun /s

  18. Yes I'm hearing this too now. By your source of the sun surely you don't mean the newspaper and we are referring to the big ball of fire in the sky though.

  19. Both of them actually, The Sun (the newspaper) gets their stories validated by taking the product of the derivative of the velocity of a proton released by the Sun (the big ball of fire in the sky) and the current market price to implant a Cenk of hair on ToSun (the fascist).

  20. don’t think it counts when the opponents are trying to score

  21. fuck online gambling sites that steals from people in desperate situations and/or are highly susceptible to addictions. I don’t mind a small gamble here or there for entertainment but these fking online casinos are set up in ways to make people lose way more than they can afford to and by offering bogus illusions on the odds of coming out a winner.

  22. How many currencies have, completely independently of the political state of the country, gone from worth reasonable money to worth a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a penny though? Nobody is losing their entire life savings in a week gambling on the worth of the pound. I despise crypto, but I'd still take a crypto sponsorship over the crypto gambling sponsorship that's heavily rumoured. They're the worst of every possible world we could be looking at mixed together

  23. check out Hungary (1945), Zimbabwe(2007), Yugoslavia (1992)

  24. Most blocks and clearances per 90 of any CB in the PL last season. Considering the number and types of shots we tend to face when we defend for extended periods I think he'll look good for us.

  25. Yeah! If this goes through I am really looking forward to clean sheets partnered with Pickford.

  26. deserved tbh. Maybe it will give him more confidence which he has been needing, and also hopefully not turn into maguire & manu

  27. it’s probably the last world cup for messi ronaldo and bale. truly exciting.

  28. oops too late, i feel i already killed my social life for everton

  29. Wow I can’t believe Greggs is doing that well to sponsor a PL team but definitely no complaints since it is not Stake.

  30. Do the shit refs get fined for making shit decisions?

  31. not unless the decisions disfavours the shite apparently

  32. This dude said he wanted to stay with us for the long run and build the team and then like a week later left for Real Madrid and mfs on this sub are still sucking his dick

  33. i felt the same way towards him and blamed him for us being managed by the FSW. but think again carlo with james in and probably wanting one or two more stars… with us being fked by ffp there was nothing he could do to “rebuild” the team. i blame him for the sugarcoating of this words before he left but now i am over it

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