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  1. some stories don't need to be told.

  2. I want Christopha’s wife to show up at the hotel and the wife will be played by…the actress that played Adriana!!!!

  3. (she was voiced by Laura Dern in the first episode)

  4. I mean that's obviously a subjective matter but I personally keep going back to thinking that she is the cutest of the 3. Then again I tend to be more attracted to the cutesie girl-next-door type than the supermodel, unobtainable to most men type

  5. I generally find Haley Lu Richardson really cute, but not here.

  6. Kind of a bummer you couldn’t explore after killing Gannon either. I wanted to go collect stuff in the new post apocalypse era.

  7. I mean, that's the whole next game (probably).

  8. Metroid Dread and Prinny Presents Vol. 2 on cartridge, plus cheap downloads of Grimvalor, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, and The Last Campfire. (Also Horizon: Forbidden West, Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise, and Scarlet Nexus for PS5.)

  9. Closing in on the end of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive--cleaning up sidequests before heading into the last point of no return. I should be done with that right in time for the discounted copy of Metroid Dread I ordered last night to arrive, and I'm looking forward to jumping into that.

  10. Cutting the Mysterious Man (who was in every draft of the musical before production) was the dumbest mistake they could have made.

  11. agreed! although i feel like the character would be a bit out of place in the atmosphere of the musical (hence why there’s such a big difference)

  12. he was used as a narrator and commentator throughout the show, not just in the last scene. He sang "Left Behind," among others.

  13. yeah, you're definitely on a list. ;)

  14. Just read Miriam Margolyes’ autobiography and when she was at Cambridge, John Cleese amounts others ostracised her from the footlights comedy troop for being a woman. From what I’ve seen he seems like a royal shit.

  15. not just a woman, but a Jewish woman! and a lesbian! the worst kind of woman!

  16. Yeah I know He just always does old timey musicals I just think he would might be worried or annoyed about being potentially typecast?

  17. yes, those old-timey musicals like Hamilton and Aladdin.

  18. I also choose that poster's daughter.

  19. Fuck off, he is hilarious. Listen to him on Dana carvey and David spades podcast.

  20. he is also well-documented to be a giant asshole.

  21. wait, this isn't about James Barbour?

  22. Could we get a plus size Seymour (or someone that isn't average bodied)? Would love to see something like that

  23. Todd Buonopane would be perfect.

  24. So those shows are actually exceedingly rare. The only example I can think of of that kind of pit besides American Psycho is KPOP. What's awesome about our union is because each theater has a minimum number of musicians they need to hit based on our collective bargaining agreement, any show that wants to break that clause has to apply for (and be granted) an exemption from the union. Typically this would be because of stylistic reasons. There's no reason why KPOP or American Psycho need larger pits, because the sound is so steeped in electronica and pop that of course it's going to be mostly Ableton work.

  25. American Psycho surprised me with how much of the score was played on the acoustic piano some poor IATSE folks needed to drag up to the box.

  26. you're a good person to adopt the baby from Eraserhead.

  27. Wait do people “drool” over Millie Brown?

  28. And this doesn't even mention the entire other script and score that were originally commissioned from Joe Tracz and Joe Iconis and thrown out less than a year before it was to open, after it had already been publicly announced.

  29. Return it and spend a couple extra bucks for a new copy from PNP.

  30. Honestly the thing I am most upset about is the cost of fries and water.

  31. it's equivalent to $12.25 USD for each serving, which is a lot but not outrageous for this level of restaurant.

  32. Brooklyn 99, although I suspect you've watched it already.

  33. Nono, he puts stuff into boxes. His hobby is actually of the more *ascetic nature.

  34. It was never canceled, just put on hold while Christina Applegate was dealing with her MS diagnosis.

  35. I worked at a porn store in the mid aughts and it was always shocking when the stars came in to do signings. Not only did they not look like their photos, but they looked like little girls IRL. I was expecting these powerful grown ass women, and they were tiny little acne faced teens who just wanted to go back to their hotel, put on jammies and watch TV. More than one was on tour with their mom! So much to unpack there.

  36. the smaller the girl, the bigger the average dick looks.

  37. the photo of the kiddo cuddling the kitten is precious AF.

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