1. are you asking for activities? a routine is not something we can advice you on as it depends on you and your boyfriend only. try planning things you like doing together during days that you both have time.

  2. so happy for you two! hoping to be in your position a couple of months from now.

  3. You obviously haven't established a healthy communication. I am not saying that staying in a relationship while unhappy is good but hurting her sucks just as much. We all have periods in which our emotions go downhill whether that is due to personal factors or stuff happening around us. If you truly believe that you can't give it your all, not now, not tomorrow, nor in a month's time, you better talk it out with her. My personal opinion is to perhaps keep contact if you wish to, on holidays and birthdays, that, only if you actually care about her and her well being. Think about it, I hope you make the right choice.

  4. Congratulations! What a win for you both. I aspire to be like you in some time. Have fun living the life you wanted!

  5. I hope I'm in your shoes this summer. Wishing you the best of happy moments.

  6. Waiting to be in your shoes this summer! Enjoy your time together and have lots of fun. Much love.

  7. I'm very sorry to hear that but I am now wondering why you two drew the line now, after three years. It makes me mad when people play with the other's emotions and end up leaving. And let me tell you something because right now I am single because my ex broke it off for the second time, three years in, not admitting that there is a reason for it to be over, therefore not communicating and leaving me completely shattered three months later. I personally haven't gotten much better. I think of him multiple times a day, every single day and it pains me so much not knowing what he does or thinks anymore. We would finally meet this summer after the meeting for the last one got effed up. I miss him more than anything and no matter how much I love him he has caused me so much pain that I don't know in what way I could forgive him. I'd do anything to have him back.

  8. I wish I could offer more but my biggest is he has told you not to contact him and if you continue to try to contact he might consider it harassment... now it doesn’t sound like you are still trying(even with as hard as it may be). Stay strong, he needs to be the first to reach out.

  9. Thank you. I really love him, truly. I've had crushes and situationships before but never felt this way. I really feel like he's the one for me. And it's almost been three years with us together, not months. No matter what has happened I love him the most and I want to fix this shitty breakup.

  10. Can I pay via paypal though since my country uses euro or do I have to change currency?

  11. Don't order flowers in Romania. I tried it myself and it is terrible. Expensive and very low quality. Including the site you received. Better order anything else online, but no flowers.

  12. You should definitely try Scener or Teleparty(for Netflix).

  13. Congratulations for your success and for making your relationship work. I wish to be in your place one day.

  14. That's so cute! I hope to meet my boyfriend too this summer!

  15. I hope my boyfriend says the same after he visits this summer, hopefully:(

  16. Have the best of fun! I hope this summer I can be in your place!

  17. I wish to be in your place someday soon! Hopefully this very summer!

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