1. Literally all he had to say was “As someone who has lost a child I have no sympathy for people who use child death for fame”

  2. Something about the last post screams that the husband wrote it, because that is a hell of a 180z

  3. At least if the Ja's rule, they'll be always on time

  4. Not my dumbass thinking this was about Buddhism until I scrolled down to the comments 💀

  5. At the risk of sounding annoying, everything is political. I know most of the people in the subreddit supported a megathread on the midterm elections but it's really annoying to see comments saying "how is this related to pop music?" and that bs.

  6. They literally went into a thread specifically designated for talking about politics to whine about politics. It’s very “DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT”

  7. Just realized my thread title aged like milk in the best way possible <3

  8. And tbh I don’t even think the homophobia did him in. Lots of artists are pretty openly sexist, homophobic etc. He really just wasn’t built to last as a mainstream artist.

  9. Oh he totally could have come back from the homophobia/clownery if the music was good enough. The problem was that the music wasn’t good enough.

  10. “Talk to them about abortion being on the ballot” they get aggressive that I even asked

  11. I don't see anyway the wife isn't a massive AH

  12. why are there lyle lyle crocodile haters on this sub??? you're NOT welcomed here.

  13. After the success of Dahmer Ryan Murphy will develop a serial killer cinematic universe where he depicts history's greatest

  14. If im being completely honest, shifting. Still use it for that. Not only that, but just to get myself together.

  15. I'm genuinely very interested in how this sequel will do. Avatar is such a strange phenomenon in that it's the highest grossing film ever when you count the re-release and yet it has no real cultural relevance at all as an actual story, it's only really known for its achievements.

  16. I do give Cameron credit, it feels like he’s the only big name filmmaker that’s really trying to push film technology (well him and PJ I should say). All the other big studios seem way too content to do the bare minimum when it comes to vfx.

  17. Oh, from their 2019 interview. I was wondering why the fuck Letterman would interview him now. This was allegedly also edited out:

  18. So annoying how all these outlets have covered up what a trash bag he is like boy sure would have been great to know he’s always been antisemitic trash. To be fair none of this is particularly surprising but it makes me wonder what else is being covered up.

  19. Popheads what is your opinion on Colleen Hoover as a writer? I decided to check out Hopeless to see what all the fuss is about and so far it’s just cliche? It’s the standard high school tropes that you see in all high school media so I guess I don’t see the hype.

  20. I read a bunch of her books earlier in the year because my ankle was broken and I was bored and I wanted to see what the hype was. They're very overrated and cliche but I think they can be enjoyable if you tamper your expectations. They're like the literary equivalent of eating a bag of chips-- they're empty calories but satisfying in their own way, and you'll definitely need something heartier later.

  21. I guess. Maybe I’m just annoyed because this main character feels like such a blank slate.

  22. Imagine being the most famous rapper in the world and still publicly cutting your own balls off and handing them to J Prince so you can jump into some Houston business that doesn’t concern you. Couldn’t be me

  23. Drake going from dragging Tory to capping for him is a weird character arc, to say the least.

  24. Nick Cannon is expecting his 11th child with model Alyssa Scott

  25. What's with the sudden popularity of the Black Hebrew movement? Like with QAnon you could tie it to people being shut up during the pandemic but it's weird to see the emergence of this thought.

  26. Pray for me pls. I’m selecting a health plan at work fml

  27. I’m watching Surviving R. Kelly and I don’t know why but the fact that R. Kelly couldn’t read well into adulthood is really affecting me.

  28. Not so much defenders as fans sticking around to see if he’ll “wake up” as if an apology would suffice for some comeback of his.

  29. Except he’s been doing this for like two years now. I honestly feel like this is a “straw that broke the camel’s back” situation for a lot of people.

  30. Talked to a guy on a dating app. Mid-conversation, he dropped that he was on his way home from a first-date, and it went really well and hopes to go out with that guy again. Then asked that we keep talking,

  31. Help, I am falling down a rabbit hole of watching videos of Sam Seder annihilating libertarians who call in on his show to debate him, it is too good and I can't stop

  32. Can someone explain where this “soul tie” shit is coming from? It sounds like a stupid fanfic trope.

  33. My understanding is that in 2016, we veered off our original timeline and ended up on this "what's the worst that could happen?" timeline.

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