1. i always knew it was Forest Hill, just noticed “Laguna Honda Station” etched in the front.

  2. God I have too many to choose. I ride daily at all hours, and seen so much. I grew up in Chicago, but the CTA has nothing on Bart, or even Muni for that matter. I’ve seen both downright hilarious and terrifying things, incredibly depressing and incredibly heartwarming events and people, and of course disgusting but also beautiful things on those trains. Ig pick one of those themes and I’ll respond haha.

  3. They’ve been doing this on almost every line these days except the Richmond one. Dublin and Antioch trains out of Embarcadero this week have been bad.

  4. it will eventually go to golden gate bridge, under and through Fort Mason.

  5. Shoutout to someone who is honest and isnt acting holier than thou, this city is corrupt to all hell and rent is already hard enough to pay hop off our dick

  6. Worst Bart screeching noises, ranked from “mildly uncomfortable” to “damn NYC has nothing on this”:

  7. oh my GOD i’m cracking up, he was on my train too!! An old legacy Dublin train last night at about 10. He got off at Coliseum and hopped on board the northbound Richmond train, where he continued doing pull-ups and playing with the straps 😅😅

  8. The amount of times I’ve said this… Bart is for all intents and purposes a subway system at its core. Sure, it goes out into the suburbs but at it’s core (figuratively and literally) it’s a subway. The ridiculous fare prices are leftover from the days when Bart’s board of directors thought they were innovating in the world of rapid transit and metros, just like when they “innovated” the wider track gauge. I don’t mind tagging on and off, but at least be more like the Washington Metro (comparable to Bart in size and time period it was built) and have reasonable prices of $3-$4. And it’s not like they’re using that $7-$9 fare to actually clean up the trains or make riders feel safe.

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