1. Anyone able to trade touch Miraidon? Trying to finish my pokedex.

  2. Nice as! Wish my stupid game gave me diamonds let alone Great Ones

  3. Ya its a pain. I had alot more fun hunting red deer than whitetail

  4. Can you explain the way grinding works? Right now I try to just only shoot level 6 or 7s and leave the rest alone but I can’t tell if I’m doing it right

  5. I shot only the level 5s and up. But every time i would spawn a diamond i wouldnt shoot it and i left it on my map. So only shoot 5-8s.

  6. Super jealous of the lion and goat. Ive shot 5 troll goats no diamond yet. Congrats!

  7. Ya im doing a Red Deer grind too. Im at 300. 3 diamonds- 5 trolls and 1 rare so far.

  8. I know it was going to troll, just hate seeing them lol

  9. How many zones did you find and if possible can you take a picture of the lakes/rivers you hunted?

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