1. Bred to be food dogs and spit runners. Healthier than rats. Despite that they really can be very sweet companions.

  2. China owns $1.1 trillion dollars in treasury bonds. When the economy crashes, bond yields rise as they are safer. They don’t care about the dollar as we buy everything from them, which we are trying to divest from. Audit reports find foreign products in American gear all the time, including China. Where do you think all the semiconductors and chips come from?

  3. Wouldn't that hurt Americans more? The citizens of the most consumerist country will not be happy about paying several times as much for their stuff.

  4. We pull in manufacturing domestically and everyone wins. Except China.

  5. Puerto Rico has voted against statehood a number of times. Their government is a mess but until Trump came along the relationship was solid.

  6. I guess said staffer is happy knowing all the relaxation time and free three squares are coming from now.

  7. Passive aggressive mum giving you fair warning of what’s to come. 🤣😱

  8. The ø is Danish/Norwegian and the ü is German, but thanks for playing.

  9. You didn’t get the joke and proved to us you are no Monty Python fan.

  10. Never really watch Monty Python except for the odd sketch. Love Life of Brian and Faulty Towers though. Does that count?

  11. (I'm fairly certain it's not this as it was in Aubrey not Denton, and it has other distinguishing characteristics that I'd think you remember, but throwing my hat in the ring anyway.)

  12. That was my thought but they also had a slide from the second floor to the dance floor and a self serve soft ice cream machine so I’m pretty sure OP as a kid would remember that. I took my eldest there back in the 1980s.

  13. “Not now mom! I’m educating the internet!! No I didn’t find a job today either, and you didn’t cook my hot pocket the right way!”

  14. I joke with my kids that my sister and I were housed, not raised. I identify with everything in the OP.

  15. And they would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those meddling tractors.

  16. It’s all fun and games tipping tractors until Frank the Combine shows up.

  17. I tend to believe that as well, but I am concerned how well they’ll handle human drivers around them. There is a stunningly large number of drivers who think a rig is as nimble as their Mini Cooper.

  18. Or make it worse depending on how they mine.

  19. It’s not mining, they’re extracting lithium from water drawn from deep down.

  20. And all Republican Senators voted against the bill. It is great that history will know who to blame for climate failure and the subsequent demise of the American way of life. Already the country is wrought with the effects of global warming, drought, floods and uncontrollable fires. The Republican party has now become an anachronism of the past.

  21. They’ll still take credit for the popular parts and the base will still fall for the scam.

  22. It's a way to spell Russia since they designated the letter Z as the new swastika for fascists around the world supporting the genocide.

  23. China spends as much as Russia, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined.

  24. Where did I claim they were ?

  25. You're talking to an Indian nationalist. Don't bother. The slant of the opening comment was intentional, not a mistake or miscommunication. He's in just about every thread that could be construed as even mildly critical of the country, trying to shift the conversation, making excuses, etc.

  26. With what money, what computer chips, and what resources?

  27. I guess using the parts from old airliners like they are stripping now to maintain the commercial industry.

  28. Yellow mustard is typically English mustard but better associated with American mustards and is largely manufactured by a company called French's.

  29. It's French! ;) Actually I love regional mustards, I have a friend who travels France and Germany regularly and she send us the most wonderful local mixes.

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