1. I do think it's kinda wild how some people will defend Marcia's mediocre choices so fiercely

  2. No cause you can like someone and realize they missed the mark 😭

  3. Ur telling me you have access to every single drag race franchise in the world and you have two people of color on your cast, girl I’m tired.

  4. I swear somebody on the UK casting team/production team has to be racist because the lack of diversity and type casting is so incredibly tired

  5. And it literally sets up girls when they’re already the only person from their franchise and background, like how are they supposed to be as comfortable and ready to compete as someone who’s already been on that very set and has three of their judys there.

  6. Omg so now the fandom is a PR and social media manager too 😭 let the girl do what she wants my goodness.

  7. Marcia just tweeted that they cut the choruses of the songs 😭 I’m sorry this is the dumbest decision of all time, whoever made it is the stupidest man alive

  8. now what the fuck was Marina doing in that J-Lo lipsync against Estrella

  9. Lowkey i feel like the shouldve sent Estrella home hear as like a lil shock elimination, because if they were so set Sharonne winning it would’ve been gaggier if Marina made it to the finale

  10. Drop ur favourite drag race reaction photo I need more

  11. I like it a lot but I do think there are glaring issues that his other work has a little bit less of. The first third was a lot of fun, but I feel like it does start to drag near the middle.

  12. Look I get Monet and Naomi kikiing about the girls and making jokes, it’s a review podcast for entertainment.

  13. The whole S15 cast just seem sweet idk why everyone needs to be so intense about this. Aura didn’t like being called cringey like why is that wrong, maybe they get a bit much but who cares at least they’re engaging with fans/reviews and are passionate about their drag and what the world sees of them

  14. She didn’t do it in malicious intent, she’s just defending herself which makes a lot of sense imo.

  15. Joy/Jobu Tupaki’s outfits in Everything Everywhere All At Once are such slays like….

  16. No because she was giving!! And it was Lowkey giving drag race runway package because I spotted that BCalla piece!!

  17. nothing, it's a fake teaspill and now the sub is running with it

  18. Ok good I was a little worried miss Bobo got arrested 😭

  19. Trixie doing press for 80 for Brady is actually really iconique

  20. Whats the straight male version of We're Here? Like instead of culminating in a drag show the men would do ______

  21. No because the whole campaign is realllly CUNTY, she spells out all the letters with her BODY!

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/3ogwFGw4AMvcZbjdfO

  23. Tell me she isn’t the one and only Olympian!! Mother serves!!

  24. yall please go watch the as3 kitty girls performance video and pay attention to morgan on the stairs 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  25. I like the girl, but Sugar's performance at Roscoe's shows that the twins were not ready for the show and they were purely cast for the storyline.

  26. This is so dramatic lmfao I saw Farrah Moan at Roscoe’s, I promise you they’re not booking based on talent, it’s just booking fun people who are on the show they’re hosting a viewing party for

  27. I get that, but at least come prepared to entertain an audience. Wardrobe malfunctions are understandable, but her inexperience is showing by just standing there and flailing around.

  28. Legacy and previous accolades are definitely a factor at play with nominations. Because the Academy (and other awards bodies) have notoriously snubbed several very deserving performances by POC in the past, POC actors do not have the same "rapport" with the academy that their white counterparts do.

  29. I lowkey think Salina should’ve been in the top, her look was chic, she made four separates, and had a reveal 😭

  30. Are any all stars seasons about to start? Because

  31. Honestly forgot how strong the top 3 of Thailand season 1 was. Like they are all slays and I want to see Dearis and Année back on a all stars

  32. No because I’ve been saying ANNEE FOR GAS

  33. I’m sorry as someone that has worked with Jan multiple times, this f*g that’s trying start drama is dumb as fuck.

  34. Brittany von Bottocks is such a good name 😭

  35. please she's gone Boot, soft toot, toot

  36. I personally disagree, and I think her last runway was by far the best on that runway.

  37. Omg, Loosey's now going to be eliminated at the Rusical? I just saw that in the T Checker, what's going on with the tea this season

  38. She literally did a Kameron Michaels quit drag speedrun.

  39. With all the Kitara talk I just want to bring to everyone's attention that Eula Rochard, the queen that brought Kitara back to light, is posting multiple pictures a day on her insta and starts most of her captions by saying "attention my thousands of fans"

  40. She did?? I nerd to listen now, do you know which episode?

  41. Oh she just recorded it I’m pretty sure Ittl come out soon, I saw it on meatballs story because she dressed like George santos for the interview 😭

  42. Anetra had my favorite interpretation, it was in-spidered!!

  43. Bowen yang and Matt Rogers for snatch game guests when 😭

  44. Marcias videos that she does with each runway are sooo cute, I love the love shack one.

  45. I really think Lin Manuel Miranda would be sooo funny

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