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  1. The Enterprise-D is both best and worst. It's honestly iconic, it's what I think of when I think of a Starship bridge.

  2. The whole idea is that the ruling does not explain itself. If you go look up the court filing in the docket, all it says is that the lower court injunction is overturned. That’s it. That’s the entirety of the order.

  3. We just hit a year and our daughter seemingly dropped her last remaining nighttime bottle a couple weeks ago. Her nighttime crying for comfort/food has gradually progressed to fussing that she can usually resolve on her own after a few minutes.

  4. I hope they drop the percussion from the opening theme... would sound much better without, too chaotic and cluttered sounding in an otherwise good theme.

  5. I rather like the percussion. It adds texture. I’m as much of a proponent of returning to form as everyone here, but I think the SNW theme strikes a great balance between going back to basics and giving us a bit of something fresh.

  6. You guys don’t log into her Fedloan account 15x/day? You must be new here! (lol)

  7. Thanks, we’ll do that. We log in pretty regularly to see if the payment tracker has updated, but I was dumb and never thought to check the inbox. Always thought that any account correspondence would at least generate an email telling you to look. But that would make too much sense!

  8. I mean, they normally should, and do. Maybe confirm the contact email on her account. Or the emails might have been caught in the spam filter?

  9. We did a search of her email inbox earlier and didn't turn anything up related to that account correspondence, though we did have other, more general Fedloan emails.

  10. 'quick' in the sense that there is very little involvement, but definitely not 'quick' in terms of overall time. Kenji's slow-cooked tomato sauce - "The Best Italian-American Tomato Sauce Recipe"

  11. Haha — I’m in the middle of making this as we speak! Excited for pasta tonight.

  12. I got a job offer on Friday. I made a counter offer, and there has been silence. I'm torn between feeling guilty for asking for more, and feeling good for asking my worth. I guess if they don't meet me halfway, it wasn't meant to be. Just venting and stressed - stay safe and happy everyone!

  13. Hang in there. They’re probably just checking with higher-ups to see how much they can sweeten the deal.

  14. It does not work that way - Fully Refundable will refund to the method of payment so you would get $42 in cash and $1300 in FFC.

  15. Not only this, but the frequencies to be deployed first for 5G within this band are at the lower end of the band, not the higher end closest to the aviation band. Eventually the higher frequencies will be used, but not for several years (during which time the aviation industry should be testing their altimeters for compliance like they should have been all along).

  16. FYI, I ordered this deal when it came back in stock six days ago with an expected delivery of 2/27. It was updated two days ago to a new range of 1/20-1/31.

  17. Eh, I wouldn’t read too much into the projection. I ordered mine on Jan. 2 with an estimated delivery of Jan. 19. Amazon then updated to say Jan. 14, and after the day came and went, they updated to say “now expected Jan. 27.” YMMV.

  18. And if you’re lucky, at the end of that life you get put in a big box that goes in a hole that people have dug in the ground. Or sometimes the box goes in an even bigger box that’s made of stone.

  19. Yeah you need some cool fresh air in there, so that your CPU cooler is able to do it’s job properly.

  20. You definitely should. When I saw those temps I thought you were running an Intel stock cooler. Your cooler will be WAY MORE efficient once you get some cool air in the case. Especially since that 3070ti will give off A LOT of heat, which is currently keeping your CPU cooler from working anywhere near as well as it should.

  21. Turns out I had an unused Arctic P12 sitting in my closet that I’ll pop in there. And I just ordered a Noctua P14 from Amazon as well. Should help a bunch.

  22. I wouldn't. Have you taken a look at the flowchart in the FAQ? I'd follow that. If I was able to max out tax advantaged space, first, then put money in a taxable brokerage. If, as I approach retirement, my taxable brokerage had enough to pay off my mortgage, I would probably do it.

  23. Trying to figure this out, too. How much would you consider to be “enough” in the taxable? Enough to cover the mortgage balance? Or mortgage balance + X? If the latter, how much are you planning X to be?

  24. To account for 15% long term cap gains, I am going with payoff being possible at

  25. Do I understand that to mean you’d zero out your taxable to pay off the mortgage, then? Would that leave you at 1x your FIRE number, or still well above? And you’d just plan to withdraw from tax-advantaged accounts for living expenses when you hit RE?

  26. Anybody have separate insurance from their spouse for the sake of having an HSA? I'm contemplating whether it's best to have our whole family on my insurance without an HSA. Or I can be on my own and have my wife and daughter on her insurance so she gets an HSA. Premiums are higher this way. Also, out of pocket costs could potentially be much more (if we get sick or hurt, though we're healthy now) but maybe it's better to get the HSA benefits?

  27. My wife and I have separate insurance, and our kid is on mine so that we can dump more money into the HSA than if it were just me alone. The coverage is a little bit better on my plan, too. The only way the deal could improve is if we switched from the PPO with HSA to a Kaiser plan with HSA, which has slightly lower premiums and a much lower out of pocket max. But that would involve less provider flexibility and longer travel times to in-network facilities, so we keep the PPO for the convenience of being able to see a local pediatrician and urgent care we can walk to.

  28. Well...I won the NewEgg Shuffle last week and bought a GeForce RTX 3080Ti. It was expensive.

  29. Congrats! I gave in and paid a local for a 3070 Ti after the one I got from a Best Buy drop up and died after 24 hours… luckily I didn’t have to pay twice as I was still within Best Buy’s return window for the first card.

  30. Ooh, who’s buying them for that price? I’ve had one sitting in my desk for 2 years, and I can’t be bothered to throw it away.

  31. I listed the card on Ebay and a repair shop in the midwest ended up buying it.

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