1. Love the people coming here just to say "nope." . Clearly they haven't used nova with swipe gestures for navigation. It's been a complaint for the longest time. I've experienced along with a lot of other users ever since I got the phone. Unfortunately it's due to Google not wanting to play nice with other and provide the gesture api custom launchers would need. Setting it to 3 button navigation "fixes" it.

  2. When you say "clearly" in reference to other people's experiences, you are clearly a nard. How is it "clear" that they aren't using gestures? Maybe they are, and your phone is loaded with cruft that affects YOUR experience, not theirs?

  3. Nova devs have already admitted it's a fact of third-party launchers. The glitches exist, it's just that some people don't notice them

  4. Useful information, but it is over 1 year old. So, I don't know if Nova may have addressed some of it by now. For me, I haven't noticed any isse.

  5. I want to not see the other tags. So if I'm in a client tag notebook, I only want to see my client names. And if in a work notebook, I only want to see my peer tag names.

  6. Perhaps make tags 1, 2, 3, etc. and associate a number with one of your peers, and one of your clients. Then add a clients and peers tags to to differentiate.

  7. Hi. Doesn't really answer my question, but probably because I haven't explained it well.

  8. Importing your pdf notes into Evernote makes them searchable (Evernote has best OCR for handwritten notes I have found).

  9. I looked in Evernote. I can't find this function anywhere. Googled it too. Could you point me to it?

  10. That looks good, thank you. Can the cover fold behind the tablet? The images don't show whether it can.

  11. 100% the issue. Don't know how I triggered that (by mistake). Thanks!

  12. Excellent question. check. Maybe I hit another layer by mistake! check and I'll let you know.

  13. Have to say, it scratches WAY too easily, especially compared to the Pebble time steel.

  14. The p6 pro does overheat quicker than others, I would try this again after turning off 5g

  15. I had this same problem with my Pixel 3XL. I'd reboot, and it would fix it for a short while. Moving to the P6P fixed the issue, which leads me to believe it was a software issue.

  16. I've used Nova launcher for years and preferred it. People claim that the gestures don't work as well when using it. Works fine as far as I could tell

  17. Yes. Fast and just worked. Instead of slowly and mostly works

  18. Nope. Never again. Made the mistake with the 3XL and 6Pro

  19. I successfully used my unlocked, US bought P6P in Belgium and Netherlands this year. Used my unlocked pixel 3xl in Ireland, England, France, Italy, etc. Should be fine if it's an unlocked version.

  20. Henry, portrait of a serial killer. Rave reviews. Walked out 10 minutes from the end

  21. No. Plenty of very good BT speakers that are cheaper

  22. Switched from my 3xl when the P6P came out. Battery life was very poor. Wide angle selfies no longer worked. Wouldn't always receive calls. I could have factoryl reset the beast, but I wanted wide angle and telephoto anyway, and better cameras overall. Unfortunately, the wide angle disappoints, and the overall picture experience is much less consistent than my 3XL. I do appreciate three much better battery life (I don't turn on 5g).

  23. Honestly, no. I was expecting some significant benefits, and I find the benefits only negligible. I even find some downgrades in that I get more out of focus or bad photos than I used to.

  24. For a phone marketed as "All About You", it certainly has a laughable amount of customisation options.

  25. Yep. Pixels are less customizable over time in my experience

  26. My Pixel 3xl was crapping out. Camera issues, battery issues, slow, phone reception problems. So I upgraded. Had it for 3 years. My droid turbo was running fine at 4 years before I upgraded.

  27. It is perfectly OK. Nothing special. I don't find the main camera any better than the one in the 3XL. Really miss the 3XL finger print sensor and flat screen. Find it too dim. Buggy, but nothing horrendous anymore. Weak cell radio. Screen is a bit dim.

  28. And it ruins any stereo experience. Sounds like a good reason not to buy them.

  29. How does it lose stereo experience? You're still getting stereo, they're just going into the opposite ears.

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