1. I’m not going to stir up hopes or even relish my own, but it’d be nice if Cavill got some sort of Elseworlds appearance or some chance to shine in the role at least just once more. But at least he’s got his own dream project that he’ll also be producing with Warhammer.

  2. At this point the world doesn't deserve more Cavill as Superman.

  3. I'm just so happy they're respecting audiences, people can understand that one batman is different from another, we can have gritty batman and the batfam batman. That said it's specifically the Grant Morrison run so we might get Professor Pyg and it might be even grittier.

  4. Pokemon is also an anime, I don't see much difference. Its still Pokemon in live action.

  5. pokémon was a game first and detective pikachu is a game without an anime. i don't see how that's adapting an anime.

  6. Detective Pikachu is an anime game, the Pokemon show is an anime show... they are both Pokemon, which at it's core has always been anime. What is the issue? Why do you feel the need to argue semantics with this?

  7. It's probably better for fans to have more negative outlook on the live action show and be pleasantly surprised than be optimistic/hyped and be disappointed.

  8. Going into a show or movie with an already negative outlook is just going to taint your experience. If you're expecting bad then you'll be looking for bad and then that just skews your perception of what should be considered good. How about go in with no expectations.

  9. I think I read somewhere that Matt said something about January 31st. Hopefully the trailer drops tomorrow.

  10. Trailers dropping the day after official poster releases are pretty common, though if it does happen I expect nothing more than a teaser.

  11. I've played the games and I loved this episode. Easily the best of the series so far. It was unexpected, but it was so beautifully done and for me knowing where the story is going made certain aspects of it even more poignant and thematically relevant.

  12. I'm all for flashbacks to develop characters but imo it was too slow and drawn out for me, so much so that I fast forwarded some scenes cause I was just thinking "yeah I get it, lets move it along".

  13. I honestly found the episode the weakest of the three so far.

  14. That article doesn’t prove anything you said….It’s just Oda saying that they’re hot to announce the cast. It being years in the making ≠ he’s been working directly on it for years.

  15. Well you're free to refuse to believe it I guess. Multiple statements from producers and Oda himself of his involvement with the show. If you're expecting a written statement by Oda detailing every meeting and video call he's had with the creative team over the years I'll just tell you now that that's not gonna happen.

  16. No I’m expecting any form of validation to the honestly wild claim that Oda is heavily involved “every step of the way”. I know Oda has talked about being shown things but being an outsider who’s asked to look at something everyone once and a while is not the same as being heavily involved creatively.

  17. Yamato is not leaving Wano for a while. The reason she stayed is because she feels no one there was strong enough to properly defend the country. The only one who will likely be getting any stronger is Momo and I don't see him reaching Yamato's level ANY time soon. Not to mention he's gonna be busy rebuilding and healing Wano. And the group shot at the end of the arc to me shows that Yamato has found a family and home.

  18. Everyone has been so eager to praise the show for adhering to the game’s story, but this episode stands as a perfect example of how misguided that is, and that adaptations are at their best when they take inspiration from their source but find their own unique angle on a story. This version of Bill & Frank is purely cinematic, and couldn’t be done in a video game to this effect. A huge step up from the first two episodes, which were already quite good, and has me eager to see how they explore the story going forward knowing it will be more than just watching them recreate a game I’ve already played.

  19. I'm of the opposite opinion that this is the weakest episode so far. Not really a fan of how much they changed and I think the TV vs Video Game argument is kind of a poor (and a little snobbish) excuse. I all for flashbacks to build characters and tell their stories but this episode didn't need to be as long is was. Bill and Frank's backstory was too drawn-out, I got bored a few times and fast forwarded through some of they're scenes.

  20. So Lilith, Bonney, and Stussy are going to be sailing on the Sunny? This just keeps getting better and better!

  21. It's been over 20 years since the Five elders were introduced and we finally get a name reveal. We really are in the endgame

  22. The guy lived in the woods as a kid, probably had absolutely no education, and was constantly beat the shit out of by Garp. I imagine those may be factors to his idiocy. Though that's just a guess.

  23. The amount of work Nintendo does with Bandai Namco, how likely is it they enter the acquisition game?

  24. Bandai Namco isn't just some video game developer/publisher, it's a giant entertainment conglomerate. They do toys, video games, arcades, anime, music, restaurants, amusement parks, etc.

  25. What are you talking about? It’s a drawing of him shaking an enemy up and down

  26. Thank you but you're a little late on the explanation, lol.

  27. Stussy already power scaled herself to be weaker than Kaku and Lucci. It's why she used the element of surprise to get them. Killing her wouldn't be much of a power showing.

  28. When Vegapunk ask Stussy to come with him, Usopp interfere and say

  29. I think Stussy is more important than just being another death. She holds too many titles to not be something more.

  30. Remember when chopper was going to cure that to resolve that plot line like all other several dozens of abandoned plot lines? I member.

  31. Him curing a disease in like one hour during battle was already ridiculous enough. Chopper may know medicine but he's not exactly a devil fruit expert besides his own. He was definitely going to need assistance from Vegapunk.

  32. The ope ope no mi’s true power can only be used by a skilled doctor. The only other doctor we know on black beards cure is doc Q, who already has a devil fruit. The ope ope no Mi would be wasted on black beards crew(if he kills law).

  33. Blackbeard not meshing with a fruit didn't stop him from invading Amazon Lilly for Hancock's

  34. Blackbeard not meshing with a fruit didn't stop him from invading Amazon Lilly for Boa's.

  35. I liked the sweater + short overalls Nami had for like 3 chapters before Egghead.

  36. “My guy” I said it’s not “just for money”. You said it is “just for money” but there are plenty of examples of studios/creators taking a risk on passion projects because they want to make a good movie and aren’t fixated on profits. Of course you need to make money because you need to be able to pay for everything! You aren’t going to make people work 8 hour days for free. Just because money is a necessity, does not mean it bumps out artistry. You could say your statement about any industry. Money makes the world go round.

  37. Your entire argument is based on the assumption that everyone that worked on the live action Cowboy Bebop was just there for the paycheck and not actually interested in retelling a classic. But thank you for agreeing with me on my point though.

  38. Thanks for not reading into my comment and being dense. My entire argument is that you saying “the entire industry is just for money” is simply not true. Much of it is yes, but money is what allows people to make their passion projects who aren’t set on record profits or awards. It’s a necessity, not always a driving force.

  39. So you just call the other person dense when your refutation their point ends up contradicting your own?

  40. In Whole Cake Island we find out that he's a genetically engineered super solder. Did you miss that? lol

  41. That was mostly because of him retaining his emotions and not wanting to be a killing machine, those features never developed as a kid. After the revelations in WCI, his unnatural strength made more sense and he could no long be considered just a normal human. He was up there in strength with his brothers ("successful" super solders) when they reunited.

  42. He heard y'all were getting tired of the new crewmate baiting and said "bet". I would have included Sentomaru but Vegapunk left him for dead, lol.

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