ALBERT PUJOLS mashes # 698 to tie the game in the 6th

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  1. Southern Thailand, a young lady had a unique talent to stick objects up her pussy and shoot them at the customers. The standard, load up a 4 pack of ping pong balls and shoot at the men sitting at the stage. That was a little gross, mostly amusing, what came next was the part you remeber and tell people on the internet. She loads up another 4 pack, bip, bop, boop, pong, she shoots those out, but then indicates there is one more item. I don't speak Thai, but I see what's happening. The top tipper and most interest patron sticks his hands out to catch whatever is coming next. Out comes a LIVE FROG. It had been up there the whole time!

  2. Dude friendships are easy. You need like x1 things in common and that's it.

  3. I'm interested in joining. In game, grinhoff level 78 Summoners score 313 Active daily Participant in all club activities Has kids to ignore and wants to game more

  4. Dark Souls Remaster and PGA Tour 21... I'm seeing a little segregation between the hollowed and the humans

  5. I'm from Montana, and always bring back as much Huckleberry jam as I can. Interested to see if we can get them here in Houston.

  6. My main raid team is Hiro, Bubbles, Sven, Honey Lemon, and Anna, all at 7* T8. 80% of that team just got nerfed.

  7. I will be a dropping this game. Not a big spender, like $50, but it all went to the raid team which is trashed in this update.

  8. Well I don't like the higher points but with a bit of work I've got to finish most of the time. You just need to active harvest a bit more is all.

  9. do you have a computer? if you do you can use stuff like nox player, bluestacks or LP player. that way you can leave it idle at the background while you use your phone for other things;) and just come back to check it from time to time:)

  10. I work on a computer all day setting up tasks to run heat exchanger models..... this sounds exactly like work. This isn't a game, it's a task completion addiction.

  11. Good recap for those who didn't watch the chat, pretty concise, I'd recommend a watch.

  12. Looks like someone lives in Houston / east Texas. I enjoy the same beers.

  13. Is Elysian available way over there?

  14. They were bought by AB Inbev like 5 years ago. They are nationwide

  15. Agreed farm Daisy and Goofy. This will let you get more Donald during the event

  16. The Fallen Star, Golden Capsule and Tanzanite Nest are all located way at the top of the map, and take 50k healing power each.

  17. You would tell someone to go after a team that you have to be able to beat 4g villains to even start and you don’t know if they are going to be the best team or not. This is your friend man not your mortal enemy.

  18. Kingdom so they synergize with good early characters and it's a gamble that could pay off if they become the new Meta.... But a gamble for sure

  19. Starting right now go for Beauty and the Beast. Everyone is starting that now so you're at a smaller disadvantage

  20. Surely we can put together a more even match up than this? They're 700 power under and it's against AI

  21. Not on demand, the matchup would require luck to get. This is likely a friend challenge.

  22. If you only can get one, VIP is def the way to go 100%

  23. Yup it gets rained on every day on the gulf coast, but it messes with your temps when smoking. It will over compensate to try and maintain temp and get too hot on the inside. Plus rapid heating and cooling from the water evaporating on the surface is terrible for metal.

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