1. Our oldest had her third birthday the day after our fourth was born, which meant for one day, we had four kids two and under. One thing that's been nice is we know if somebody outgrows something, it won't be long until another uses it. Just be prepared for all the "you must be busy/have a lot on your hands" comments.

  2. Should be able to accomplish that with a smart thermostat. Would just need to program temperatures and times.

  3. We have a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited w/entertainment package and advanced safety package. Just do yourself a favor and go ahead and get yourself one. You’ll thank me later. We have 6 kids and I can easily fit our 4 car seats. It’s easy to drive and we haven’t had any major issues in the 4 years we’ve owned it. I love that I can crawl inside to get the kids all buckled in and it has a suuuper deep trunk. I seriously love my van.

  4. Have the same vehicle (built in vacuum is great too!). What brand car seats do you have? We tried several brands but could never get three across in the back. Even fitting two car seats and a booster back there is tight.

  5. We've got a 4Runner, which is working well so far for 3 under 4. Just the one row of seating in the back, we wanted the extra storage space. We also just got a wonderfold wagon and I love it so much! We'd been surviving with a jogging stroller (one kid can perch on the footrest) and baby wearing.

  6. I second the Wondefold. We were 4 under 3 when we got it and it has been a godsend. Packs nicely in the back of the minivan too.

  7. Also - those roofing nails look rusty as hell for only one year…

  8. That's actually the best theory so far. There is a baby coming soon. Likely solved!

  9. If this is a permanent ride, why not place footings and install permanent posts?

  10. Yep, people get mad over the dumbest shit. SMDH.

  11. Sorry, meant no offense. I've never seen SMDH used before. I've seen SMH used for "slap my head", and DH used for "dear husband", but never combined. Took a swing and missed I guess. Have a great day!

  12. Elon Musk changed his title to Techno King and it worked. Just make something up.

  13. In life in general, if you screw things up bad enough the first time, you're usually not asked to do them a second time. Order the shittiest cheapest pizza you can find, don't order enough, get toppings nobody likes, or better yet get frozen ones and overcook them in the microwave. Kids won't be so excited to ask for a second pizza party.

  14. What about flashlights? Usually can find cheap ones at the dollar store that would stand on end by themselves and the "girth" (for lack of a better term) wouldn't be far off

  15. Is he the Coach from Letterkenny? If so, he'll burn himself out. For real though, you may need to find out which students have "Karens" for moms, plant a couple seeds, and let them unleash their fury.

  16. I have no idea who that is. I will try. The demographic of parents at this school work multiple or long houred jobs. English is their second language. Its a dual immersion school.

  17. Most true Karen's are frequent flyers. Ask anybody who regularly attends PTA or school board meetings and they'll have no problem pointing them out to you. Then just match them up with the kids involved. The fact that the parents are so busy will only play to your advantage. Might take longer to get the ball rolling, but when parents have to take off work to take their concerns to a meeting, it will only add fuel to the fire

  18. Settings I had last night were 4K60, linear, hypersmooth off, scheduled capture off, duration no limit, hindsight off, timer off, zoom 1.4x, bit rate high, shutter auto, EV comp 0, white balance auto, iso min 100, iso max 6400, sharpness high, color gopro, raw audio high wind auto. Had it set up with the media mod on a tripod if that makes a difference.

  19. You don’t need 4K 60. That’s for slowmo. Go with 5K 24. Shutter 1/48. Your iso max should not be higher than 1600, sharpness low, color gopro

  20. Those settings worked great! Had to drop the iso max to 800, but everything else worked. Thanks for your help!

  21. It's even better if you drill it clean, and then hammer a dowel in with glue then chisle off the extra... that's the proper way to fix it... 🤷‍♂️

  22. Golf tees are usually perfect for this with no drilling needed. Drive it in like a nail and snap off the top.

  23. Golf tees are the fast way to do it, I will give you that, but not the best way to do it... what's the expression. The right way, the wrong way,then your way. Which is also the wrong way, but it's faster 😏

  24. Regardless of speed, I don't think using a dowel adds any benefit. Both ways you are screwing into end grain, which in and of itself is not the best fix. If you really wanted to fix it right, you'd cut a plug, not use a dowel.

  25. Congratulations. I have identical twin toddlers. Here are a few bullet points:

  26. As a father of four (4F, 3M, 3M fraternal, and 1F), I agree with all your points except #3. He is not totally fucked. People always tell me it must have been hard with twins, but really it is only about 1.5 times as difficult as the first. You'll be fine OP. Yes it's more work, but there's also a lot of efficiencies when you're doing the same thing twice. Just do your best to keep them on a schedule and forget about sweating the small stuff.

  27. Porta John was out of TP, so I've got a loner you can have.

  28. You're going into what could be a loooong battle. From the moment you get to your gate, start looking for allies. Grandmas/grandpas are always good bets, but so are families with other kids, and anybody in their late 20s/early 30s that look like they're headed home from a long stay. These aren't the only people that could be useful,, but it's a good place to start. When you board, try to take note of where these people sit. Hopefully some sit near you. Don't interact with them right away, but rather use them as distractions at points throughout the flight when electronics and snacks just aren't cutting it anymore. The goal is to use them to buy time. Most kids that age aren't bold enough to start conversing confidently with a stranger right away, so you may have to be the one to start a conversation. Might be ten minutes before the kid warms up, but then you'll probably get ten minutes of interaction/conversation out of them, and another ten minutes of transition time afterward. Will at least pass a half hour. Then electronics/snacks/games etc. If the kid doesn't naturally gravitate back to the same person for another round of distraction, find one of the other people you picked out before and try the same exercise. And never forget to be polite, courteous, and gracious with your flight attendants. They can absolutely be life savers.

  29. I wish someone -- preferably resort staff but even just a quick thinking guest -- would have taken a snowboard and tried to either deflect some of the water away from the people on the chair lift or just bashed the living shit out of the spraying valve

  30. This was my first thought exactly, but I haven't seen any other comments to this effect. You wouldn't have to stop the water, just merely deflect it in a direction where people had the option of getting out of the way.

  31. $2 a tooth at our house. $20 is crazy! Do you know how many teeth are in there?

  32. The average kid has 20 baby teeth that fallout and are eventually replaced with 32 adult teeth.

  33. The glass and railing is awesome but can't say I'm a fan of those brackets. Just not my cup of tea I guess. Think it would look better with wood stops. Excellent execution though. Good work!

  34. We give up all day long. We don't have any energy to give up once we get home.

  35. Pretty sure you're joking, but this is exactly why increased risk of suicide is a side effect for a lot of antidepressants. New meds can up your energy and ability to function just enough to give you the energy to go through with a suicide plan, but they haven't had time to help you get rid of the desire to go through with it.

  36. Absolutely was joking. In my book, suicide is always a permanent fix for a temporary problem. Never realized that could be a side effect of antidepressants. Good info to know and be aware of, so thank you. Do you know if there's a typical window of time where that could happen ie weeks, months? Would be good to know how long you need to be conscious of that if you hear somebody started taking antidepressants.

  37. You guys have schools that actually follow through on consequences?

  38. Sounds pretty gravy to me. You should be a teacher then. Just because the garbage man is willing to do his job regardless of the smell, should we keep tightening his wages? Even though there are fewer people out there willing to be garbage men than garbage men needed? It'll be fine, we'll just give the garbage men less pay and tell him he has to make twice as many stops during the day, but he definitely can't break the law by speeding and he now has to make sure that less garbage is missed. If the same thing happened to mechanics that is happening to teachers, you'd be pissed too.

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