1. The right time for this was a year ago. To do it now just seems to have guaranteed a waste of 3 years rather than just maybe waste 3 years.

  2. I wanted to see it through and see what he had up his sleeve. Might be a forlorn hope at this stage but I reckon he had one more trick up his sleeve. The RFU could’ve got rid of him earlier and given another coach a serious shot at the World Cup or stuck with Eddie. Seems like they’ve gone with the worst of both worlds with this decision. I seriously hope I’m wrong and Borthwick has a galvanising affect that lasts to the World Cup.

  3. I agree with you but I think one factor in the review that might have tipped the balance would be the player input.

  4. If the replacement is anyone but Razor, this screams of populist bollocks. Borthwick was going nowhere so we shouldn’t be in a rush.

  5. I'd feel really sorry for you guys if the Borthwick rumours were true. I imagine Sinfield would undoubtedly be joining Borthwick too.

  6. I'd say that his takeover of Twitter has been very character-revealing. When he was just a guy tweeting - fine - it's quirky and interesting. A little of the old pump and dump.

  7. Here's the funny part: I asked why was I temp banned when the other guy was the one who told me to k1ll myself. Their response was to permanently ban me. Wouldn't be surprised if they are the same people who buy blue checkmarks. Professional victims.

  8. Just received a message from the admins that the offending account has now been permanently banned.

  9. Good that they replied to you. When I asked them, they just permanently banned ME. Which is ridiculous. Because they ignore similar comments with worse threats that anyone can find in their cult group. They are only worried when someone talks about it outside their sub. Good luck to them, hope Elon doesn't force them to drink Kool Aid or something. Cults never have a good ending.

  10. These are the same people who have been attacking EVs as alternative transport for the past decade but now they perceive him to be on their side their tune changes.

  11. Remember when the media kept inexplicably hyping him up to be the Democratic nominee despite never polling above 1%

  12. Maybe it's because I'm a Wallabies supporter but I feel like Eddie Jones cops alot of hate from you English supporters, like you guys have not had bad results in these few years past. He has won you a few Six Nations I think, he took you to a world cup final aswell, us Wallabies supporters would love to be able to say we won a few Rugby Championships and went to the world cup final. So if there's a chance he'd come to us I would welcome him in.

  13. It’s not just the results though, it’s the manner of the performances.

  14. It looks like anyone who comments on this post in

  15. They’re deleting anything that isn’t pure sycophancy, they’re shook that people aren’t buying into him.

  16. I'm all for it, only cos he winds this sub up more than Eddie and I like to watch things burn!!!

  17. Anybody sought an answer from the FBI if they’ve been informed by Musk of a credible threats for them to follow up on?

  18. Too many outlets now reporting this for it to not really be happening.

  19. Rheinmettal have acquired Spanish ammunition manufacturer Expal Systems for $1.2 billion for the purpose of producing ammunition.

  20. Absolute scenes when big Sir Clive comes back for England and Wales and England top the six nations

  21. The rare catch actually being held by leg slip, just when we needed it!

  22. Russian hubris thought they were untouchable and parking them wing tip to wing tip might have resulted in more damage. Lol.

  23. Meeting doesn’t even happen until Monday with a decision made on a Wednesday.

  24. You’d have done well to provide multiple examples from multiple sources in order to back up your argument. But, you didn’t.

  25. The fact that you are there after 10 months means that you are most likely a vatnik collaborator. Enjoy for the time being "Rusky mir".

  26. Couple of good threads that completely pisses on any republican fire.

  27. https://cnn.com/cnn/2022/08/22/politics/dark-money-donation-conservative-group-invs/index.html

  28. Seems about right for the trajectory he's been on. Make up a scenario, get angry about it, and spread it as a new conspiracy theory. Claim you're just asking questions or to "just think about it". It's a common tactic on the right.

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