2. Why the fuck does this post have 3 thousand upvotes what

  3. I work in an elementary school and we start every week with us just sitting in a circle, the class teacher explains what they're gonna do today (which lessons, special stuff, guests, etc.) and then everyone is allowed to tell about their weekend and then we get going. It makes for such a satisfying and relaxing start of the day.

  4. An actual reasonable comment ??? IN MY POST? That's nice tho

  5. hey.... wait a minute.... isnt the arena where sukuna and yorozu are going to fight in the same arena as the one yuta was evacuating civilians to?? you can even see the punch rika made in the overpass in the second to the last page??

  6. I assume yuta made them leave the colony the second it was possible. There's no way he would leave them there

  7. I basically wrote my entire thesis in like five days (about 15,000 words) even though I had a month to do it

  8. A metric fuckload of stress that was a gigamotivator for improvisation.

  9. Oh wow. You seem like you really enjoy writing, do you only write technical stuff like that? You like writing fiction ?

  10. Darren butchered what could have been a really interesting story concept tbh

  11. I'm sorry but are you reviewing the film Mother! In the comments of a shitpost ? Tell us more

  12. I have no idea, i was on the ground from laughing when I found it.

  13. I thought the giant ass lake was a giant ass bear ndndndndn

  14. I personally want to see how Sukuna would deal with being made fun of by a guy he can’t immediately dice into cubes like he would everyone else.

  15. I feel that would hurt him more than any fancy light attack they throw at him. Nobody has made fun of him in a thousand years, since he fucking eats and kills everyone, his psyche ain't built for a joke about how much he stinks

  16. Damn professor Baklazhanov fucking hated Zabastovschikov.

  17. Imagine someone hates you so much they hit you with thr fucking x-ray. Bet bro did it through a bush or something

  18. Quick what does this mean? Quick quick cmon cmon quick you gotta answer quick

  19. Question, can she survive in a vacuum ? Does she need oxygen when she's in those forms made of energy?

  20. “Stocks” or “pillory” are the tags you’ve got to use

  21. Tags? What tags ? This is an academic paper, it is definitely not going to be published in Ao3. What are you talking about ?

  22. The German word would be "Pranger".


  24. OH SHIT YOU A JIZZZ ENJOYER TOO????? 💙💙🎶🕺🕺🕺👯‍♂️👯‍♂️

  25. Who do this show runners think they are ? Huh? They think they can make me cry brutally and just walk away ? AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH MY EMOTIONS. WHY IS THERE NO QUICK TIME EVENT TO BEAT THE BRUTAL PASSAGE OF TIME????????

  26. Poor bastard can't get a break 🥺

  27. Complete nitpick here: I liked it when the infected had bloodshot eyes. It dehumanized them more and in my opinion it was scarier. However you can tell that's not what they're going for here. The normal eyes remind you they were people once.

  28. If they are still following pretty close to the game.. early infected are still conscious so they may be hinting towards that!

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