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  1. That’s actually a tough one. I live in a capitalist country and will probably be up against a wall when the commies take over. The question is would I rather hold my ideals or fake it to make it.

  2. We are also coming from Cleveland, and staying at the Hilton. I know our initial plan is to hit up top golf in the morning then see where the day takes us. We will probably end up at the casino after the show. I know there is R Bar right by the arena, but that is a hockey bar so I’m not sure what the crowd will be like.

  3. That sounds like your place then! I think that is where we will end up right before the show as well since it’s so close to the venue

  4. I made sure my girlfriend wouldn’t be home. Then I went to her house and asked her dad permission. Just man up, he will respect you for it.

  5. I don’t know who this girl is. Is she a famous singer? Do people buy her albums?

  6. I once saw two guys get caught faking weight at the scrap yard. We were waiting in line while they were getting weighed. A worker came out with a wrench and opened up a bung on an air tank the guys were scrapping out. It was full of water. They got banned.

  7. For our team’s sub jersey we went with “power bottom” and #69.

  8. I was working at a lumber mill. Two girls in, their early twenties, drove up in a pickup truck to buy sawdust. People use it for horse bedding. These girls were dressed like they just stepped out of a country music video. Boots, tight jeans, tight white shirts with open flannels tied at the bottom and little cowboy hats. Anyway, I pulled up and stopped the front end loader so I could talk to them. They immediately hit me with “we have boyfriends!” So I continued on and started loading their truck. They started screaming when the dust flew into the cab of the truck through their open back window. The window I was going to tell them to close…

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