1. Most of these “tunnels” are just interconnected basements. Pretty common in older cities.

  2. Never been to a solo Mike show. Any good? Granted this is a fest appearance so not the same thing but you can my question.

  3. Kind of hit or miss but could be the shows I’ve seen. Check out their 2010 fall tour and the Sinclair shows in 2016 and 2019.

  4. Sounds like this throws a wrench in those June Rumors floating around

  5. I think it give legitimacy to the rumored two leg summer tour. They’ll have a week to practice together after Phish’s first leg and a couple of weeks to do a short tour of their own after.

  6. No, it’s on DVD, streaming and to download

  7. Your water line should be about 1/2” below the black rim

  8. Create a same model group in the app

  9. Aftermarket LED headlights that aren’t installed correctly to angle them down.

  10. Saw this bus (or at least one just like it) at a bunch of Grateful Dead shows back in the early 90’s. Was always warned not to ever get on, so I didn’t

  11. Still travels along with jam band tours, mostly phish and dead and company. They’re looking for people too high to know better to indoctrinate. I’ve been inside the peacemaker several times. It’s beautifully done with wood trim. If you ever have the chance to check it out go for it, just don’t engage in conversation.

  12. Can't possibly be as lucrative as it once was, you'd think they'd upgrade their methods.

  13. That’s why the have their deli

  14. Many years ago a squirrel fell down the chimney at the house and set off the motion alarm. The police came and searched the house but found no one. They did find the squirrel though when it jumped on the back of one of the cops. He ran around in circle in the living room screaming till it jumped off. Totally worth the cost of having pest control come out to catch it the next day.

  15. Your CU should be transferring the money to your new account. Dealt with this same situation during the first wave of covid and refunds from TM.

  16. Sorry, I need a eli5. I'm new to all this loan talk. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Does this mean that it just picks up where we left off without packing on what we missed out on during the pause?

  17. Yes that is what it means. No interest was charged. You’ll pick up where you left off.

  18. The light rig is shared by both bands

  19. I see a lot of people don’t like the challenge of trying to find a DIY solution.

  20. Phish is always late to announce. But with only so many summer venues to play, bands have been booking dates earlier to secure those spots. Hopefully Phish does the same.

  21. I’m not sure if there was one particular manufacturer that made them but it’s just a plastic sleeve with psychedelic designs that rotates around a light bulb. Google psychedelic motion lamp

  22. Let’s take pictures and laugh at the people just trying to survive.

  23. Off the top of my head, MoMA, The Met, The Tenement Museum are all good for a visit. I didn’t really care for the Guggenheim or the American Natural History Museum. The Museum of Sex is good for a laugh.

  24. Unfortunately SD cards have a short read/write lifespan.

  25. From my experience with using them on reolink cameras and on raspberry pi’s they don’t last anywhere near that. I’ve used a few different brands too. What have you had luck with?

  26. Amigos, or just walk down Fore St and Wharf St and see what peaks your interest

  27. You should transfer your friend’s tickets to them

  28. Flipping merch has turned into an easy way to pay for your tour. If you watch the poster line you’ll notice a few people working together to buy multiple posters to flip.

  29. The A19 bulbs aren’t rated for enclosed fixtures

  30. And it came with mount for the pi? Can you share a link?

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