1. Yes, but your 12600K is probably fast enough for that already. I'd only consider the upgrade if you also do CPU intensive work like video editing/rendering.

  2. Honestly the main issue I have been running into are CPU bound stutters in games. In benchmark modes, it’s very clear that the CPU is what keeps dropping the ball. Running a 4070ti for the GPU if that sheds more light

  3. I don't think you should be getting stuttering. There are some benchmark numbers

  4. Weird, I have 32GB of 5200MHZ DDR5.

  5. 94 technically isn’t out of normal operation range although not ideal. If it boots, it’s fine.

  6. I had the patellar reconstruction operation and I don't believe that's an option anymore. I'm hoping for some cybernetic enhanced surgery before I leave this plane of existence.

  7. Didn’t Von miller say that’s what he had a few months ago on the Mcafee show?

  8. Cybernetic enhancements? I certainly hope so!

  9. People still say “ user error “ lol never heard of 8 pin melting .. not a coincidence .

  10. Funny you say that. I work in a computer shop and I JUST swapped a non modular PSU for a melted 8 pin

  11. Portrait mode, camera focusing and much more. Even if the camera is genuine and from an iphone that matches everything, the software will not like it because the camera needs programming that only apple can do.

  12. Bro there is not programming. I replace phone parts, they work completely fine without programming. Stop drinking the koolaid

  13. The guy who called me (UBreakIFix) explained to me that it isn’t the part, it’s a service code, that if the service code isn’t used, it disables features. I clarified this because it would be cheaper for me to buy a broken phone, harvest the camera, and pay them to replace it, than having Apple replace it. The Geek Squad guy said it would be $500 to replace the camera or $650 to replace the rear of the phone. I am so irritated, the phone is 2 months old.

  14. I’m sorry so many mouth breathers in this thread have no idea what they’re talking about. They think third party repair is some sketchy guy in a mall kiosk using 5 cent parts. Not the case at all.

  15. Should have had the true Anderson

  16. Yeah he's used to stopping 60 a game lol

  17. I got a 32 on it in 2020 😂. Still got a B+ in the class

  18. Oh wow. Did you do well on the midterms for you to get a B+?

  19. Yes. The math final exams are made by the math department, hence why they’re sometimes SIGNIFICANTLY different from what the rest of the class exams are like

  20. Welcome back to the macOS highlight reel

  21. 4070 TI TUF. Great card, only complaint is the coil whine. Reddit people just whine for no reason, ignore them

  22. TBH I feel like he probably SHOULDN'T have been starting.

  23. Allen to the end zone… and it’s picked off

  24. It’s probably an unpopular opinion but I’d be ok with another launcher and a subscription if Sony would drop their titles on PC day one. It would be better than having to buy a PS to play top tier games in a timely manner. Microsoft’s games are almost all trash so Gamepass has very limited value for me.

  25. Would sell my PS for this. Literally never use the thing except for when exclusives release. Series X has been relegated to playing madden, and the switch..... well lets just say i need to sell that

  26. Cyberpunk when the launcher freezes and steam thinks the game is still open...

  27. Ya know what I’ll need a new PSU but send it

  28. Double vram midrange cards have been a thing for over 2 decades.

  29. Yeah they are acting like the 3060 didnt exist...

  30. I mean ive done it off of baird point

  31. My pictures look like a fucking oil painting!

  32. Scammers can be pretty dumb, glad I paid with Goods&services, literally got a refund within minutes by calling paypal. Hope this kid gets charges pressed against him

  33. It makes no sense either. OP has sold stuff here before too

  34. It is strange not only has OP sold here b4 but also created me a shipping label but never shipped. PP refunded and said their PP acc has been closed as well.

  35. Same here for me. Very strange. Wonder if Op was compromised

  36. this sub is a macOS highlight reel

  37. Welcome to target. They make it impossible to call out.

  38. yes the one that take 30 minute 15, hide in the bathroom for longer, and types the dcpi before he picks the item to look as though he finished carts in several minutes!

  39. was me for the last month i worked there, didnt care anymore after they yelled at me to work faster when i had a broken hand

  40. I’m using a 4070ti with a 10700 on 650W. You’ll be fine.

  41. Main concern is given that I’m using a 12900KS. Not overclocked or anything though.

  42. Could make the roster. They didn't end up drafting a RB so there's a spot for him.

  43. Not sure though, because we have Hines, Cook, and Harris as well.

  44. Please don’t send him to the practice squad.

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