Rat King (by me)

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The bog (by me)

A sense of impending doom

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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. 94 was by far the worst one, imo. I was actually mad when it was over. Like nothing cool at. All.

  2. I loved '94 it seemed like they were having a lot more fun with that one than with the other installments.

  3. I'll give it another watch sometime. It's not crazy to think I might enjoy something on a second viewing

  4. Do it! And hey, if you still don't like it ain't nothin wrong with that either. I get it, the other VHS movies are more straight-forward horror and '94 leaned heavier into schlock and camp which I personally love but get it's not for everyone.

  5. I thought that he was doing that to intimidate the humans who he knew were following him

  6. I don't think it knew it was being tracked, it was just looking for the best hunt possible.

  7. The predator was literally learning the food chain on Earth. He killed his way up to apex earth predators. Him killing snakes and wolves was central to the predator's character development as he learned about this new world, and what the best things to hunt are.

  8. Exactly, it has no idea what the hierarchy of the planet is and is simply looking for the best hunt and of course if they've never encountered these species they're going to want keep them as trophies.

  9. If you like Friday the 13th check out The Burning. Both have effects by Tom Savini and it features Jason Alexander before he became a short stocky bald man.

  10. I don't accept that. It wasn't disrespectful or childish. The bullshit ass response I got was childish. This is a forum, where people come to discuss ideas and theories. And, news flash, people will have differing thoughts and opinions. That doesn't mean they just sit the conversation out. That's not what being on a forum is about. What I provided to the topic was a reason why some people, like myself, don't like gore. Not everyone will or has to like gore; that is not a prerequisite for liking horror.

  11. Well I've tried to show you nothing but respect, I know fandoms can be shitty when people don't share their point of view and it sucks cause again horror fans are usually outcasts in their own right. No need to shit on eachother, we get enough of that from everyone else!

  12. You've switched up way too much in this conversation, contradicting even your own words, for me to believe that. But, it's whatever, I'm done. I've said all I need to.

  13. Well at least believe me when I say read Wonder Woman Dead Earth if you haven't. It kicks ass!

  14. If we're on the subject of Deniro his performance in The King of Comedy really floored me. His character is so pathetic you almost feel bad for him and just so the opposite of what you think of when you think Robert Deniro.

  15. He was great in that, though for me the movie (overall) isn’t in my top Scorsese list.

  16. I get it. It's no Goodfellas that's for sure! I do think it's commendable for just how much of a departure it is for both Scorsese and Deniro though.

  17. I’d go through all the Hammer Horror movies. Not too spooky to binge through with him and so many good stories! 😊

  18. I second this especially since OP mentioned their kid liked the universal monster movies! If he likes those I would also add checking out Dr Phibes as it's got a similar vibe.

  19. Found footage really isn't my genre. This one kicks ass though! The only exception to the rule so far, but I don't particularly seek them out.

  20. Same, I typically can't stand found footage but REC is a rare exception.

  21. Slightly inferior to me, mostly due to a distinct lack of Goldblum. But yes, the og Fly is great too.

  22. I will say Goldblum gives an amazing performance but I love me some Vincent Price.

  23. Ah jees, you guys are starting to look like the adoring Goldblum students in Jurassic World: Dominion.

  24. I don't like him enough to sit through that.

  25. Aliens takes a lot of elements from Them!

  26. The split scene in Bone Tomahawk was one of the few times I actually uncontrollably looked away from screen.

  27. I love Slither. Kinda the opposite of sexy but definitely some alien reproduction going on.


  29. I recently watched the original Nosferatu on The Last Drive In and while it was as amazing as it's reputation I don't think I'll ever be in the mood to rewatch it or at the very least rewatch it without Joe Bob.

  30. I loved Malignant, one of the most fun horror movies I've seen in a while. I didn't really get giallo vibes but felt it was more like an awesome Tales from the Crypt episode with some 90's/early 2000's elements.

  31. That's a good example. There was an episode from the last season of Tales from the Crypt with a VERY similar plot.

  32. There's an episode from season 2 called Ventriloquist Dummy with a similar plot to Malignant and it's AMAZING

  33. Haven't seen it myself but I've heard good things about Sputnik.

  34. It's a really cool design. Great job, and looking forward to enjoying it for years to come! One question, though... What is the significance of the oragami cranes?

  35. Thanks! So the origami cranes are part of tiki tatsu-ya's branding. When I started work it was before they had even opened so Howler bros sent me a few examples of what they were doing design wise to give me an idea of what they were looking for.

  36. Dream Home is pretty decent, forgettable plot but good kills.

  37. I was hoping to see this listed but oof, "pretty decent" "forgettable plot"... up-voted anyway for this amazing movie with a layered plot, complex character motivations, and a really satisfying ending.

  38. I mean the practical gore is amazing, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it. But it didn't really do much for me outside of the kills. Glad to hear you're fan though!

  39. Nope, I just liked the concept pf a rat king!

  40. Holy crap I love your style. Do you have an Instagram or website. Also, do you do commissions?

  41. David Cronenberg has entered the chat.

  42. How is it stealing if you're posting it here. If you don't have the people's wants then you should supply it.

  43. Because as I said in another comment I license out my designs to companies such as wicked clothes, or creepy co.

  44. Well I've made a krampus design before so I wanted to do something more ghoul like this time around

  45. You should revisit this one now 6 years later :) it's my fav

  46. Holy shit, I totally forgot I even made this

  47. Wow, can you not steal my work on my own post?

  48. Looks like the center one is farting on the head of the one near its ass.

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