1. Yea. The HITs i get from them are asking to listen to a song. Whenever I open them the first page always asks about my music interests. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to get into the specifics or not but there is a total of 15 questions. When I submit it it says "missing answers are highlighted in a red box" but there is never any answers highlighted. I tried reaching out to the requester but i never heard back

  2. After reading all of the comments it seems blatantly obvious that this requester is just looking for free work. And he probably knows that Amazon is all about pleasing the requesters, not the workers. I once had 20 HITs from a batch rejected IN A ROW with the “reason“ being “missed attention check”. It was for the IC3/MLDSPA (or whatever) audio HITs and they paid $.60 each. That’s a good chunk of money I never received. Not only did I not fail the attention checks, but I can recite them word for word! I reached out to Amazon about it after sending the requester 20+ emails over the next three months and receiving no response, and do you know what they did? That’s right, nothing. Case and point, they let requesters go reject happy and get all their work for free without a hitch.

  3. Oh wow, I think I did like 10 of the 60 cent audio type surveys a few weeks ago but they didn't mess up like that :(

  4. Sounds like an excellent survey for time/money, in my opinion, it's kinda wild that people would mess that up. I also give you props for not requiring thousands of previous HITs because it can be disheartening for newer people, trying to get surveys better than 2 cents; I know it's a double-edged sword for requesters though. Good luck.

  5. She's so unprofessional in how she talks about people's situations that she works with/is involved with helping or whatever. That's so wild.

  6. I missed that but I'm catching the John drama 💀

  7. They haven't even been around for a year and act like they know everything.

  8. I always try to answer as honestly and helpful as I can.

  9. I mean this in the nicest way to the trans community when I speak about these 2….

  10. I keep coming across people missing from Charlotte with like no info out there

  11. You wouldn’t have to order lunch or you would MAKE THEM A LUNCH OH MY GOD.you don’t even have to make it! Take that subway money and go buy a dozen lunch ables. All you have to do is take it from the fridge to the backpack. Come on.

  12. On mornings I don't feel like making a sandwich and all that jazz for my son's lunch, having some lunchables stocked up are such a blessing ! I won't even lie, that's what I did Wednesday morning...😂

  13. I have never heard of someone have food delivered to their kid's school wtf

  14. That happened to me a little over two years ago on Mturk. It didn't involve a Zoom interview and I never gave the requestor my personal information. Still, the cops showed up at my door for a welfare check. The topic of the study was suicidal ideation, they were specially looking for people with suicidal ideation. I guess I was the asshole for responding to the study.

  15. I don't think either picture looks good lol

  16. What benefit would Amber get being back with John? Seriously I’m asking.

  17. There's gotta be a reason, she's most calculating.

  18. Yess he does, wouldn't surprise me if he takes selfies in women's lingerie either. He's also dumb enough to get caught the same way BTK did.

  19. I don’t know much about Chey but I’m a nobody that followed a few other CC on IG sometime ago. And Amanda would send me weird ass fake crying voicemails. She didn’t know me just like I didn’t really know her. I can vouch that Amanda is coo coo! Back to my phone ☎️ call to the DA!

  20. I've heard the crying voicemails you are talking about. I even recited them with close friends of mine. They were entertaining As Fuck. Thank you Amanda for the laughs! 😂

  21. Man... That would be content if someone uploaded those voicemails lol

  22. She's been on more vacays in the last 6 months than I have in years. Lol

  23. I've also run into surveys that take less time than stated, some by quite a bit. I think the people who do the hits get students or people around them to take the test and then base the time off that. The problem is that those people may not be taking the test seriously and/or may know the subject and format far better than we do.

  24. I've always naturally been a "speed-reader" and this is something I'm scared of happening.

  25. He's at the prime age I think, for the onset of schizophrenia in males...

  26. Actually his sister I found is abusing so I made sure me and all my sister stores out and end to it. I agree he shouldn’t go after the whole industry. The irony is NH is his family members site. Why he called me that day I’ll never know haha but FSB doesn’t promote abuse or misuse of any kind 😁 and as soon as Jeff Reached out not only did we cancel her orders coming in, 3 of our partners did too! Feel free to message me. If you like me don’t like me I don’t care. FSB does more biz than anyone on the industry. We supply not just us but 3 other stores. Our customer service, responds. And handles it. We have a great pointe system and even VIP tiers now. And you can hate all day Grant Cardone will tell you you need some haters! But my customers love my emails/updates/new letters. It’s my way of being transparent with my customer list. With inventory and SALES like who got 4 free pounds last night for being on the email list? About 100 of you. FSB will thrive and we will because we’re the best. Period, Monday-Friday we make 2 post/ups drops to assure packages make it out especially one’s placed earlier. We did have a situation with over nights in July that’s been resolved. Ups changed the drop off time. We refunded, gave points and did everything we could to make that right. FSB is a huge but small family ran company. Hi my names Antony I’m the owner! My sister handles emails and getting shipping labels ready, I have my best friends working in the warehouse, my manager (he’s the one I’ve been friends with the longest) has a degree in horticulture, specifically organics. Which is what we’re working with! We have multiple distribution points we can sell 1lb 1 bag or 10 pallets just get ahold of me. Prices obvious can be talked down when you wanna buy REAL bulk. But hey just throwing this out there. I’ve helped start other stores! I don’t just supply them I helped design, market, wrote copy, etc. The poppy is an amazing plant with so many uses it’s ridiculous! Personally I’m planting flowers all around my house 🤷🏻‍♂️ me and my sister are gunna attempt to make soap so hopefully we can do a YouTube or maybe even a FB live with you guys. and I’m honored to be where I am in the industry with such AMAZING customers. And that’s why I keep it personal. I’m not a robot I’m a human. This business feeds my family and many many many others…. I know there’s a lot of people that feel like I’ve wronged them (not saying I didn’t) reach out give me the opportunity to make it right whatever happened. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first started this website two years ago, I never dreamed it would’ve grow to the size it is today…. And so it all grew so fast and I was literally doing everything from the ordering to the bagging to the feeling the orders to the doing the customer service and just everything and I apologize if there’s a people that got really crappy service for me because I was in a bad mood. 🤷🏻‍♂️I’m human. And with in 4 months or being in buisness I did have someone else handling that for BOTH our sakes. Please reach out if you have a problem or you feel I owe you something weather it’s be an apology (I won’t say sorry unless I mean it…) or an order gone WRONG! It happens and people take it personally but at the end of the day we don’t do anything “on purpose” to inconvenience you or make your money experience bad in any way. Sometimes I use spell check sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t really matter to me… you can argue with me about that all you want but at the end of the day, do you even own a buisness? I have 4 the main one being a real estate investment company (anyone on southwest MO HMU I have units!) I started this company for ONE REASON!! We’ll mainly, personally I love the seeds so many uses and I would find them varying so much brand too brand or origin (mcCormick, Winco bulk food Spanish seeds, first Street, bobs red mill, and then I discovered the online market. With my background and marketing I don’t know why I didn’t think about looking there sooner and what I found was the replace is like QI charged in 20 bucks and there is places like PSW charging 80. So then I ordered from every single company I could find and I found what was wrong with every company and I tried to do it a little bit better. When it came to transparency on lots and quality and actually answering emails even though towards the end of me doing emails I was grouchy and I’m sorry. On top of running everything I was running I was dealing with a break up and more and that did affect my work performance but my solid customers are still there with me and I love and I think everyone of you and that there’s people on this post that hate my guts most of them run other shops, which is fine I don’t feel the need to trash anybody in order to get sales we all have different things to offer and we all operate differently and we all maintain our clientele for the reasons that they like the way we do business. And I recognize there’s a lot of you that don’t like the way I do business and that’s perfectly fine that’s why there’s so many other options on the Internet nobody is forcing you to type in your credit card number on my website please if you don’t want to be a customer stop being a customer that is fine if you need some other websites to go to I’ll even give you ones that I don’t affiliate with I’ll show you other websites but this story of me as this villain is just so played out I wish this whole post would get deleted. But it’s funny I get new customers all the time that say I saw so many bad things about you I had to give you a try and I smile and my current distributor he’s a great guy he told me that all the other distributors said not to deal with me for various reasons and that’s why he wanted to meet me. All I’m trying to say is if you feel like I owe you something shoot me a message I’d love to talk to you whether it’s an apology or money you honestly feel that I wronged you please get a hold of me. Secondly if we could just stop all the trash talk between other stores that would be awesome my goal coming into this market was to become a community where the stores actually communicated and talked and ran the market together and what I found out is most people saw me as a threat. Why? I average over 100 orders daily. I don’t blame em. I was just doing a random Google search on my company and this came up.. so just a piss more of you off haha i’m not gonna spell check any of this and I used to talk text a lot so good luck. To the real customers I love you to the haters I love you to get a hold of me so you can stop hating me I’m actually a really nice guy.

  27. You get too much shit imo. Okay, sure I could see how some might consider your emails eccentric, but who cares, and I've saved pretty substantial amounts over time thanks to the emails. Not to mention, the points system. One thing I've learned throughout the years I've worked in customer service is that some people are just going to bitch, period ; It doesn't matter what you do because people like that will always find something not deemed perfect. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, I've ordered at like 3:50est countless times and still had my order shipped that day!

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