1. You sound very much like you have never been to Europe. Generally the abortion limit there is 12-16.

  2. Weeks yeah I’m aware which is shorter than normal for most American states. You know how many weeks in a year 55. So that equals to about what exactly shit for brains more or less than 5 months? Again you made an ass out of yourself enough for one night take your {L} and go home!

  3. Lol, you’re the one who threw out 5 months. After seeing the immense amount of comments you have on Reddit I can tell you are an incel virgin.

  4. So your basically admitting to being a fucking moron who struggles with both math and reading comprehension, and basically defeated your own argument accidentally with your weakness in both. And now you’ve predictably resorted to name calling (not that I didn’t start doing that to) now that you’ve realized you can’t win the argument like a whiny McBitch baby classic!

  5. And possibly trolling, at least I sure hope so. 😒🤔

  6. Honey most Men are sleazy idiots when their young trust me (they may not want them) but they’ll still certainly go for them if propositioned!

  7. It has but only one side is doing it at the moment (and being excused for it) while the other side gets accused and vilified for supposedly “wanting to do it.”

  8. Let me guess they’re NYC, Miami, LA, San Francisco, and Chicago?

  9. Is that per capita? Because I kinda find the per capita standards to be deceptive bullshit. For me if a specific region loses an assload of people it doesn’t really make a difference if the stack of bodies is a statistically significant portion of the population it’s still bad!

  10. Conservatives aren’t the ones refusing to compromise. We compromised over and over and democrats just kept taking more and more. Suddenly we’re the unreasonable ones when we go “hey… this might be a little too far guys.”

  11. Them: “How dare you nasty conservatives finally put your foots down and marginally impede us running the entire nation into the ground with our batshit insane far left agenda! You should all be hanged as TrAiToRs!”

  12. Welp, good luck then lady. Run the separate economies and see who comes to unclog your toilet, fix your roof or provide your food.

  13. Or manufacture the weapons and not to mention the glorified cannon fodder (aka manpower) that makes up the ranks of our military! 😒

  14. It use to be considered a universally shared civic virtue.

  15. I’m sure the very same provincial government will then go on to act so genuinely surprised when their suffering massive supply shortages on account of their closure of many significant trucking transport companies! 😒

  16. Aren’t we currently suffering from a massive recruitment shortage? To the point the government has been increasingly incentivized (against the advice of military readiness experts) to progressively downgrade and lower the minimum requirements (both in intelligence and physicality) for prospective candidates? Why would they enforce overly strict (not to mention constitutionally dubious and unnecessary) standards that would force us to relinquish our limited supply of pre-trained qualified experienced troops?

  17. Not to unbelievable a conspiracy unfortunately. 😓

  18. Oh ya, slurp up all that copium. I love it when you lash out.

  19. I assure you the Only one coping is you, my delusional deep state propaganda regurgitating useful idiot friend. 🥱😪

  20. Bahahahah, ok there member of the cult of personality. Get out there and make a difference as your preferred political party pushes towards a theocracy.

  21. You really are a media narrative regurgitating fucking dipshit if you actually think the trump faction of the republicans wants a theocracy. The dude isn’t even religious numb skull.

  22. I can personally attest to the fact that I saw a lot of these types of characters during my years as a “revolutionary communist” agitator. And they’re are every bit the waste of space loser wannabe “rebels without a cause” (more like larpers without a clue!) that you think they are!

  23. The only difference between communists and fascists is just a few structural differences in government and state, they both are as equally totalitarian. The left seems content with pulling ideas from both these days. But have become masters at projection to make the right the guilty party.

  24. They rely heavily on the general ignorance of the public in terms of their practical knowledge of highly nuanced and complex subject material. Hence their default attempts to breakdown everything into unrealistically simplistic mental binaries. Usually played to an emotionally manipulative narrative that paints one perceived side of an issue as the “evil” side and the other as the “good side.”

  25. Well most mass shooters (as of recent) are severely troubled, grossly over medicated, mentally ill minors who wouldn’t even be able to legally acquire firearms anyway, that used weapons they acquired via illegal means either through the black market or stealing them from their lawful owners.

  26. Difference between tankies (traditional authoritarian Marxists) and so called “left anarchists” (allegedly libertarian socialists, an oxymoron family of ideologies):

  27. Hates them under normal circumstances, pretends to exemplify the best of their values during election season.

  28. Funny because it’s actually been proven with Bill Clinton and yet these assholes still refuse to denounce him so……🤡🤷‍♀️

  29. I’m sorry our “First Lady” will be temporarily suffering from the super cold. 🥱😪

  30. You know if a cop had seen him do that he’d have been arrested on the spot for needless endangering the public and himself. As well as for jaywalking.

  31. I meant socialism was closer to communism, and Germany was lead by an atheist vegetarian.

  32. People have always thought this way and always will. Whenever somebody becomes an atheist they go through their hating religion phase.

  33. I know I did, although in fairness I think given my unique and complicated personal history with faith kinda justified my poor reception of it more than for most people who become atheists.

  34. I understand. No problem at all. The higher the quantity and quality of people you interact with the more likely you'll be to find a good partner. I have a lot of faith that you'll find someone who is good for you and your family.

  35. Thanks for sharing, my friend. Have you considered attending these religious events despite being an atheist? It might give you a chance to interact with people whose company you actually do enjoy. The best way to find a spouse is to go where the kind of person you'd like to marry can be found.

  36. I might give it a try, but I just have my own reasons why adopting faith is a highly unlikely proposition for me. And I wouldn’t want to waste my or someone else’s time trying to initiate a relationship that will end up going no where on account of the barrier posed by this particularly important (at least for most people) social convention.

  37. Ableism is the norm when it comes to Dems. You ever heard a pro-choicer talk about disability?

  38. They’re practically closet eugenists

  39. Funny how for years the whole of mass media culture have insisted it to be the opposite.

  40. I know entirely too many people who are practically perfect representations of this. It’s sadly not that much of an exaggeration.

  41. I’ll take things that definitely didn’t happen for $10,000 Alex!

  42. Nana walks up to your table with a crisp $50 dollar bill in her hands to give to her favorite grandchild: “Oh my sweet baby, happy birthday! 🎁 💲❤️🥰”

  43. You know you're part of a cult and not a political party once when the phrase "traitor" is acceptable.

  44. And that that cult has grown so violent and authoritarian (as well as to large and powerful (or at least delusional enough to believe they have)) that they think asking the state (which is supposed to be a separate supposedly non partisan and secular institution) to officially reprimand you in extremely harsh ways for transgressing against the cult’s edicts is an acceptable response!

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