A Beginner’s Guide to Improving Your Lawn This Spring & Summer

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  1. Thank god they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands, otherwise that’d be totes awks!

  2. Oxo makes a small cold brew maker that will make up to 24oz (3 cups).

  3. Chopped finely, you can add it to nachos, a smoked queso dip, or maybe green chile enchiladas.

  4. Think about it this way. When you go eat at a family or friends house, do you want them fuming when you eat food your way? Once served it’s their food to do as they like. Just chill, enjoy your time with them, and stop thinking of yourself as chef :)

  5. I politely disagree. I have eaten there about 7 times and I ALWAYS ask for a seat by the water and I have never once been denied. It's usually about a 20-30 minute longer wait though.

  6. You shouldn't have to pay extra for photo pass either. That's the problem. You accept one thing, and they just move the goal posts another inch.

  7. Were park ride and photographer photos not charged before?

  8. Don’t think it’s a reserve store but I just had cold brew at the downtown Disney location and it was by far the best I’ve had.

  9. Not only doesn't it spray right, It's useless as a non-stick spray

  10. I have to agree. It was a total fail as a nonstick on muffin pans. The spray head also fails as a sprayer.

  11. I second this. Pit Boss gave decent flavor but created 10 times the ash of any other brand I’ve used. And Do Not Use Traeger! They use “Wood Oil” additives to flavor their pellets because they’re too cheap to use the actual types of wood that they advertise on the side of the bag. — May as well just vape and exhale all over the meat and call it “smoked”.

  12. LMFAO 🤣 that’s one way to think about it!

  13. That sounds great. I would really like one but it seems they all require wires to be installed around the perimeter, which sounds ridiculous given the technology available.

  14. As a customer, it’s bizarre to me that any business would feel entitled to distribute the tip I’m leaving to my waitress/server for their service. If they care about taking care of their employees, they can give frequent raises and/or share 30% of the profits.

  15. He didn’t try, he did. That’s why she was sick all night and he ignored the whole thing. I always assumed his sister gave it to him as she may have access to prescription meds from working in the medical field.

  16. People in the medical field don't have free access to opiods to bring home, they are tightly controlled. Actually the dad probably had more access to them than the sister because if he was on coke, he had a dealer and there's a very small chance a dealer who has coke doesn't also have clients who are on opiods.

  17. Which is why I said she MAY HAVE access. Nobody is saying she has “free access” and that they’re not carefully watched.

  18. Tell us you're a transplant... without telling us you're a transplant. 😂

  19. This phrase out-cringes the cringiest of cringy phrases. Tiktok queens “TeLL uS yOu’Re a *** wItHoUt TeLLiNg Us YoU’rE a***” 🤣🤣🤣

  20. I hope that you like it! I was planning on getting a Smokin' Brother's pellet grill myself. (They seem like they are high quality, and I like the fact that they are made in the US). However, I was recently helping a friend prepare to move internationally, and I noticed that he had a Camp Chief Woodwind that he needed to "take to the dump". Needless to say, free is for me :-)

  21. Not only free, but one of the best pellet smokers on the market.

  22. Isn’t braising cooking in a liquid similar to a stew? Did the meat take on smoke flavor?

  23. Nope. High risk, low reward. Invest in a thermopen and set low and high alarms to wake you if the ambient temp drops (flame out like you had) or gets too hot (fire).

  24. I got the Traeger that has the wired probes because I like to separate my basic slow tech from my fast tech. I don’t want a bbq that can become obsolete or need a firmware upgrade. So I say get the basic smoker then spring for a fancy wireless thermometer separately. Too many times the electronics on these kinds of thing crap out long before the rest of the machine does (true for stereos, ovens, bbqs, smart tv’s…you name it.) Go for dumb machines with replaceable smart add-ons.

  25. While I can agree with this sentiment sometimes, it’s not exactly as you think. Your smoker will have a controller for the auger, lighter, and thermometer which are points of failure. Also, if you have a Wi-Fi controller that fails, it doesn’t render the smoker obsolete. You can always repair, upgrade it, or buy a standalone unit.

  26. If you want to get as close to authentic wood bbq flavor of an offset smoker but convenience of pellet, Weber Smokefire is the way to go.

  27. Out of all of those the Yoder is the best, but if it was my money I would get the Weber Smokefire. Not spending almost twice as much for the Yoder.

  28. Electric water heater. Simple and you’re not dealing with adding/removing a cover. I had a solar cover and they are additional work, questionable effective, and get brittle making replacement necessary. I also had a solar water heater in-line with the pump and do not recommend.

  29. Since you want to leave that space open, I would paint the space beneath the siding, pour a concrete pad, build an enclosure around the a/c with matching paint and hang a few potted flowers off the front deck beam. You are left with a nice usable space.

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