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  1. Old school place to see with lots of food stalls is at the grove. There’s the new side that’s built up but next to it is the classic old LA sight. There juice bars and confectionary that have been there for generations.

  2. Get this adorable children’s book. It’s a story and has 18 kid friendly recipes Joosh's Juice Bar: The Snackbook Adventure

  3. You are seriously talented. I adore your style and it made me really happy that this came out of your brain and into reality for all of us to see :)

  4. What site do you upload the images to so you can get a usable url format?

  5. L5 through my S1 in the military. Started with my L3 but wasn't treated for 2 years because my clinic was fucked though my mri showed I needed care which caused the other disks to go. I'm in PT through the VA now and I can say treatment varies depending on the individuals body but your core is huge. I'm 6'3, 210lbs.

  6. Seriously, surgery is so worth it. Life changing almost instantly. Had some nerve pain for a few weeks but it’s not normal to think, gee, I can basically sleep and not be in pain as a win.

  7. It’s very variable. Worth it for some, worst decision ever for others. The injury, the treatment, the surgeon. So many factors. Your blanket statement is dangerous

  8. The surgeon is super important indeed. Also getting an epidural is an important first step before surgery if that’s an option.

  9. The beach diving is so so. Leo Carrillo has a wall drop off I believe. Some of the most beautiful diving I’ve ever done was off Catalina and the surrounding islands. Monster kelp forests and sea lions. Really worth spending the time to do.

  10. Thank you! I'll definitely look more into this.

  11. I’ve gone with the Specter boat. Really great time, they barbecue on the boat and it’s three dives. Most boats are two dives.

  12. How to iron crease into trousers

  13. If they take away a human female’s reproductive rights you think they’re gonna make a stand for a pig female? It’s a dark time.

  14. It’s a stupid bug in the wall. Got killed this way and had to try it out also. It is hilarious to kill someone like this. Total cheese move though.

  15. He actually did one with Haiku (this husky) previously!

  16. Damn dude, I never heard of this guy and gosh dang didn’t expect that level of escalation. Awesome.

  17. I didn’t know what to expect when I turned on the audio but somehow it’s what I wanted.

  18. The people that find this interesting are the people that don’t understand the double negative and don’t care.

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