A cover of China Cat Sunflower into I Know You Rider by my Dad and me :)

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  1. Yeah spyderco & dead is a combo I never knew I needed- great work bud!

  2. Congrats! And keep it up! The shows just keep getting better :)

  3. When I took the photo she was in frame, seems she didn’t make the cut. Check my history, she’s in there :)

  4. Try lavva yogurt! I believe most if not all flavors EXCEPT vanilla (due to the vanilla extract) are w30 compliant!

  5. Beautiful video. What song do you have playing during this?

  6. And also if you use the Toyota app (and it’s working- mine currently is), it will tell you the psi for each tire. That way you can tell which tire is low- maybe you picked up a nail or something. A new tire, a patch, or maybe just a little air should do the trick!

  7. Jovial makes a paleo pasta as well- cassava flour & water are the only ingredients. They have an orzo paleo variety that would be great with a sauce and puréed or very soft veggies!

  8. Real organic butter would not be paleo due to the cream in the butter. Ghee would be paleo but would have the cream missing ..

  9. Primal Kitchen has a TON of W30 approved sauces & dressings! Some of my favorites they make are- mango jalapeño bbq sauce, Buffalo sauce, Caesar dressing, spicy ketchup. They even make a couple w30 gravy options. I loaded up before my last round, and it made it WAY easier to stick to it! Primal kitchen even has a few w30 approved frozen meals you can get too. I keep them on hand for days when I don’t have leftovers to take to work for lunch- makes sticking to w30 much easier for me!!!

  10. My two cents as a ranch-o-holic: I like Primal Kitchen for a lot of W30 sauces/dressings with the exception of their ranch. I found that Tessemae's ranch is far creamier and more texture-like to standard ranch. To me, Primal Kitchen's is wayyyy too oily.

  11. Couldn’t agree more .. Tessamae’s avocado ranch & habanero ranch are both staples in my fridge

  12. Do you have an air fryer? If you don’t, get one! They make my veggies so much fun- brussel sprouts, sweet potato, okra, peppers & onions, broccoli, cauliflower … you get where I’m going with this?? 🙃😊🙃I’ll toss any of these in some avocado oil, salt & pepper and air fry away! I’ll use a bag of fresh or frozen broccoli, airfry the whole bag & just re-airfry the leftovers when I’m ready to eat them again. Makes my meal prepping MUCH EASIER!! Hope this helps!

  13. I pulled my lower back Sunday & wasn’t able to stand up straight yesterday. Got an appt with an sports med doc yesterday to rule out anything serious. Prescribed me muscle relaxers & a steroid pack. I am walking up right today, not feeling great but definitely better than yesterday. Planning to take the week off from the gym but my doc says I can start back once I feel good enough, and I’ll just plan on majorly scaling for the first couple days back.

  14. I’ve never done keto but for me paleo is the perfect lifestyle. I can eat meats, seafood, fruits, most veggies and most nuts. For me, there’s not counting carbs, calories, anything- just eat as much of the food that’s “allowed” and thrive. I also notice that the amount of food I require to feel full, is less now than when I used to eat a regular diet. Entertain the idea of completing a whole30 to start your paleo lifestyle. Whole 30 is a bit stricter than paleo- no added sugars, at all, honey included- but for me, it got my body used to running on clean foods and made my transition into paleo as a lifestyle a bit smoother. There’s a separate subreddit

  15. What’s your oil intake looking like?? During my first few whole30’s I found that my morning stomach pains were linked to me consuming larger amounts of oil- specifically for me, olive oil. Once I scaled back my oils, I haven’t felt that sick, almost stinging, stomach pain I used to. For me, avocado oil and ghee both treat my stomach a lot better than olive oil does. Try decreasing and/or switching up your oil use to see if that helps!

  16. I think he actually did end up paying Fofty back .. this is probably somebody else’s money

  17. Why is the gas being pumped into the car under the hood instead of on the side??

  18. Ghee or, depending on the dish, bacon grease! Would prob be good in meatballs!

  19. Im a CrossFit newb, and I’m only commenting to say that I just started a whole30 last week for similar reasons. I’ve been trying to hit my protein goals for the day, but I did have 4 days of VERY LOW energy levels. Today I feel better.

  20. R?D7 Feeling a bit more energy today as compared to the last couple of days. Eating so well & worked out hard this morning. Stuck to my meal plan every day. Made my menu for the next 7 days and going to the grocery store(s) after work today to stock back up! This week I am going to mimic a paleo frozen meal I’ve had before that was and unwrapped chicken eggrole- chicken, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots & mushrooms with garlic & coconut aminos. Think it should be tasty!

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