1. As a kid I found out that rubbing paper on a carpet gives me the most awful sensation in my body

  2. In my understanding stoics viewed emotions as follow, and they put them in three categories.

  3. It's worth noting that Seneca is considered a highly imperfect Stoic, and his credentials as a philosopher were dubious at best. His life as the richest man in Rome was, to put it mildly, far from a reflection of good Stoic ideals. Many of his letters attest to his absolute unfamiliarity with anything resembling difficulty.

  4. That's interesting, I never knew that. And that's how I feel. I feel like he's just waffling and going here and going there before getting to the point. I think I'll just leave it alone and focus on writings that do help and that I do understand.

  5. Was it you who posted that ridiculous image of Eckhart as a frog a while back? I laughed at that way more than I should have.

  6. Haha it was! That was on my old account. I'm glad such a great piece of art is being remembered

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