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  1. Oh is this why guys never stand right next to each other. I figured they were shy.

  2. Guys have ‘bathroom rules’ !

  3. Someone took a mega hot dump! And looks like he ( or she ) blew an O ring, or burned out their catalytic converter….

  4. Hi ! Suggest you Perform a full reset of the ring device and set it up again on your WiFi. You just aren’t connecting to the WiFi…

  5. Yeah man, you can fix snoring. Have a sleep study, treat for sleep apnea, get a fitted cpap mask , the machines are quiet….. sleep in your own bed, lower your blood pressure - and your wife’s- and stay married..!

  6. Mount a metal pole in concrete, like a fence post, and attach to that.

  7. Lot of folks saying that 22 is quite young to get married for life. Good point- do some living on your own for a minute - not just to screw around ( literally and figuratively) but to just get an opportunity to do some stuff and gain life lessons before you are in a position where any mistakes WILL effect more than just you…

  8. ‘N’ knockin…. I said it ! Pretty common in the late 70’s/ early 80’s.

  9. get out! what are you waiting for? go now !

  10. "I'm not going to spend 20-30 minutes pleasing a woman I don't plan on marrying, but I expect her to please me."

  11. This picture is about right for houston, given that's where the picture was taken.

  12. Yes, this is in Dallas, about a 1/4 mile west of ‘Fair Park’ State Fair grounds…. The photo is a good catch of atypical craziness!

  13. Good Will Hunting. The thick Boston accent

  14. not the husband you’re looking for


  16. Simple thing ; switch to a mesh router with a mesh ‘node’ nearer to that outside wall…. The upgrade to you’re router / Wi-Fi will benefit every gadget you have that’s connected to the internet thru your router!

  17. Sounds like a Product feature request

  18. tea earl grey hot! and cookies (biscuits)

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