1. At 10s you can see the foil ball behind it And at 12s you can see it in it's mouths The robot itself is impressive it just screwed up the trick

  2. I think those are parts of the trick. He's making the ball appear behind his ear and in his mouth.

  3. I second Hereditary, and I'll also add the Lighthouse. Both movies seem to spend a little too much time smelling their own farts (literally in the case of the Lighthouse)

  4. Cole did seem genuinely surprised to see him

  5. For some reason, I now have a parody of "Hungry Eyes" playing in my head with "Slavic eyes" substituted in lol

  6. Poor guy thought he could catch his flight without being spotted by the airport rats.

  7. Oh who we think is behind this one? Mercers or Russians?

  8. Why not both? Who's to say the Mercers aren't in bed with Putin these days.

  9. I actually like swerve,but this is lame. Dude, you didn’t even make it past NXT chill.

  10. This dude's politics are his entire identity, which is why I guarantee he complains about Hollywood injecting their politics into everything.

  11. Well the thing while yes most were brought in to give them a second chance but the other big reason was to fill up a bare bones roster so most of them aren't excepted to set the world on fire but rather to provide some bodies.

  12. But the roster isn't barebones. There were plenty of people already getting limited TV time, now there's even more.

  13. Do you mean not barebones now or when he first started having people comeback? If you mean now I can agree with that.

  14. Yes, OBEY some dipshit on a power trip. That never goes wrong.

  15. "Fightfulselect.com" 😭 he couldn't resist plugging his website 😭😭

  16. That was the most Bush league part of the whole clip. He comes across as a total huckster.

  17. "I can't believe people compare me to Hitler, just for spouting Nazi talking points! How rude!"

  18. They're calling him country rock, though I'd argue he's more like country metal.

  19. I'm officially over the hill when I haven't even heard of who's playing. Like at all. At least I used to have heard of whatever group was playing that I didn't give AF about

  20. I've heard of him and I'm not young, mainly because SiriusXM Octane plays him a bit. He's definitely not a Top 40 artist or anything.

  21. Not gonna lie, this was so mean that I actually laughed when it happened.

  22. Lola Vice inspires very respectful thoughts and considerations.

  23. The dude underneath is literally doing all the work in this gymnastics routine. Why? What's the logic?

  24. Let's not leave out the wildly underrated Butterfly Kisses

  25. Matt Gaetz looks like one of those puppets from Spitting Image back in the 80s.

  26. He looks like a cgi character circa 1987

  27. Would explain her being written off last night. The PC has had some rough luck with ACL injuries among the women over the last several months. Her last match was against Jakara on Level Up. Didn't see any signs of injury there unless it was edited out so I'm guessing it was a training injury. That's purely speculation though.

  28. It's more likely that she got injured in training than during a match, simply in terms of the amount of time they spend doing either, and the nature of this injury.

  29. What they don't realize is that they've already heard all the dirt they ever will. The people who are looking to complain about their treatment already tell their gripes to Meltzer. As such, there will never be a magical release that will result in a big avalanche of skeletons.

  30. Do the women have their own separate parking lot?

  31. Where's 4K Christian to serve as the "Owen Hart" of the group?

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