1. Kunoichi Botan is one of my favorites with actual gameplay. I don't think there's much pregnancy or monsters though.

  2. Not just the request is unusual it's also not a good way to understand it. You want to learn Japanese then start with Hiragana then go to Katakana and then Kanji.

  3. Thanks but I am already passably fluent. I'm trying to increase my comfort with the language. We're way past grammar lessons.

  4. Yeah but somebody else might benefit from it. I've also found that voiced + English translated VNs help learn a word here and there, but are too advanced for it to be serious learning rather than just something for fun (I'm at beginner level). I don't think I've ever seen a VN that can copy text though.

  5. nah bro, most of these games are power fantasies like Call of Duty. I dare you to try doing what you do in that game on a real battlefield and see what happens. Same principle in sex games. This whole "alpha-bro" pickup artist shit is just a recipe for short term experiences, and long term loneliness guaranteed to make you look and act like the biggest rapist/sociopath ever. Even in sexual communities like these games like to portray (bdsm, free use, ect.) the lines of ethics are much more defined than in these games and the porn their developers watched making them. Please never use porn to base your understanding of anything on. Go do actual research and ask in the actual communities before jumping to any conclusion

  6. The only issue I've had with them is that when it's obviously intended to be high school but they say it's college. Anything about uniforms, mandatory attendance, or any other high school trappings will likely cause me to look elsewhere.

  7. If you want to make a high school setting then have the balls to come out and say it. It's like the roommate/landlady shit but they don't even bother making a mod for it.

  8. Easy enough to do a high school game and still stay legal. If everyone is over 18 you're fine. The problem I have is when they say it's college but it's obviously high school.

  9. Exactly, which makes it even dumber when they switch it to "college"

  10. Transylvania has a great horror vibe and a couple female antagonists. It is a gender bender so not for everyone.

  11. Its instant tf, I think 99% of people willing to play a female protag game wouldn't mind too much

  12. Thanks for the update! Last time I tried to set it up, Bethesda had just fucked everything up as they do annually, and I wasn't sure if I should use SE or AE, glad its covered right off the bat

  13. Whorelocks Revenge, not an immediate tf tho

  14. Is is a relatively quick tf? Some game play is fine, but some games its a real grind

  15. If my memory is correct the answer is yes and no - if you play normally it's slow but you can quickly grind it out at the beginning

  16. X Change Life has collecting but no trading.

  17. Defenestration. Only playable as exe afaik but its top tier.

  18. Sounds pretty feasible since its just combining two things that have already been done, AI Dungeon + Unstable Diffusion. But as of now I'm doubtful this can be on par with what a human could do (especially text). IMO once the novelty wears off people would prefer handcrafted experiences.

  19. Devil on the G String / G Senjou no Maou is barely an H game, but if that's what you're looking for it fits this perfectly.

  20. Deathblight RPG - if by strong you literally mean "jacked"

  21. I think Noelle Does her Best should definitely be included, you might've missed it since it just came out earlier this year. Lots of good pixel animations.

  22. Just get a vpn and set your location to somewhere else, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. Everyone should have a vpn anyways

  23. Many vpns are run by ad/data companies, so you have to be sure the one you use is legit. Also I've seen experts say they suspect the US gov has access to them, but this has never been confirmed.

  24. For some reason every tutorial I find is by people who don't understand "tutorial hell," which is why I think the recent GMTK tutorial is good because it deliberately avoids this.

  25. Its available on patreon for free

  26. In The Last Sovereign there's a part where you play as the female characters and if you lose a very easy fight to bandits instead of a rape scene they all trip and die

  27. https://old.reddit.com/r/lewdgames/comments/zgtbp3/help/

  28. This isn't really true of the japanese market there's lots of finished games on dlsite for example

  29. I played a game with more disney princesses but dont know its name anymore it was with elza rapunzel

  30. Because the ruling class will take the side of the owner class

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