1. I played a game with more disney princesses but dont know its name anymore it was with elza rapunzel

  2. Because the ruling class will take the side of the owner class

  3. There's a little bit of secret content. The game has guards you talk to for fast travel but if they have high enough aggression you get a sex scene.

  4. There are 2 kings of tying in gameplay with the H scenes, Karryn's Prison and X Change Life. Everybody on this sub already knows about KP, play it already if you haven't. X Change Life is still WIP, but a lot of good gameplay where you hit buttons during a sex scene. However I don't think the punishments/rewards are all that creative as it's basically just gaining money and losing stats. (although this makes a lot of sense during the stripper scene, one of the best parts of the game)

  5. I'm definitely trying every game you mentioned. Although, X-change life and defenestration kind of confused me a little. Specially defenestration, couldn't get past the initial mission. Maybe I'll partially watch a walkthrough to get past that hurdle.

  6. Defenestration has a shitty start tbh, its the patreon curse. Its one of those games that got better in development but the beginning sucks.

  7. There are thousands. Just search for female protagonist. I recommend Treasure Hunter Claire

  8. If you want your choices to still have some impact, you could set up a light side/dark side system like in Knights of the Old Republic or other older RPGs. So you have an interaction where a character askes the player "How are you?" The player then chooses "I'm good," or "Mind your own business." Choosing I'm good adds 1 to your light side points, choosing "mind your own business" adds 1 to dark side. Or you could have a linear scale, with light side at +100 and dark side at -100.

  9. Which has its own drawbacks. Like in Mass Effect if you want to be a Cool Guy its optimal to genocide aliens whenever you can, because genociding aliens gives a bunch of Cool Guy Points. If you ever say "Hey that might be going a little too far" then you miss out on whats basically an xp system.

  10. Japanese VNs. It's just like the romance you'd get from a movie or book but they actually show the whole thing. The subreddit

  11. That’s useful feedback. Any suggestions on what you’d like to see instead?

  12. Nope, I'm not a UI designer I just think that looks stock

  13. It looks like that because I made it myself. An asset probably would have had more polish.

  14. Lol, maybe a premade asset would look less "stock".

  15. Never heard of it. But since you asked for recommendations...

  16. If you're into Defenestration then I'd also add:

  17. I think hard times in hornstown had ads... I fucking hate that game

  18. Physical goods make a nice reward, I assume you have game art so just come up with a way to make it into a collectible.

  19. We have looked at stickers, prints (possibly signed by the artist), and collectable trading pins so far. Is there any physical reward in particular that grabs your attention more than others? Maybe one not listed here?

  20. I'm surprised you didn't mention dakimakura, I don't actually have one but I'm considering it just to see what all the hype is about

  21. I think Skyrim is a good start, because you can just play it as a normal AAA game, with a few basic mods installed to improve the UI and such. Eventually you'll run into things you think could be improved by a mod, and then you can add it because someone probably already made it. Setting up 18+ skyrim takes hours and hours, but installing mods piecemeal will let you build familiarity while spreading out the setup time so you don't have to do it all at once.

  22. How did you scrape the data? Can it upscale to 512? On your discord, are you looking to collab or is it all secretive closed source?

  23. We are using StyleGan and the interface is something i have programmed my self. but our process for collecting data is quite pain staking. My self and a friend go and collect images from b/w manga then remove any text and fix any holes that may come with removing that text. It can not upscale, Currently this 256x256 model is more or less our test. Once we complete the interface and gather ALOT more training data we are going to up the resolution to either 512x512 or higher depending on budget.

  24. All the damn text is a problem. After the stable diffusion hype I tried looking around for somewhere to scrape but I couldn't find any consistent, text free images. Unfortunately the best solution I can think of for scaling is to get 100 people working on it.

  25. Snow Daze - English voiced, which is fairly uncommon

  26. Are there any games like snow daze? I loved it but cant find anything that comes close.

  27. I didn't really like Snow Daze so take this with a grain of salt, but here are the 2 I think of that are similar:

  28. Hans Niemann inserting stockfish engine (2022, colorized)

  29. Transylvania and Allure of Wanton Cove are the only things I can think of anywhere close to this. But they certainly don't compare to Resident Evil as they're text games + art. Plus Transylvania feels more horror-themed instead of actual horror, and AoWC just isn't that creepy. But that said Transylvania is great!

  30. that’s it! i have no idea why it’s so niche, from what i remember it was pretty good. anyways! tysm! i appreciate it c:

  31. The majority are usually one person projects. Made by artists using unreliable "no coding needed" frameworks.

  32. Not to mention typically developed for a windows pc, and they only port it for anything else after someone requests it.

  33. Kunoichi Botan is by far my favorite depraved game, but it kinda falls into both those categories you wanted to avoid.

  34. Any attempt to link pirated sources will be removed by the mods fyi

  35. Japanese games, often even sfw ones, don't always get released

  36. The last patch notes for X Change Life mentioned that it started using this. Because that game uses videos, and until recently these algos were closed source and censored, I assume they're only using image generators for background, not anything NSFW. That seems to be a good use for it though, previously a lot of games would just take an image off google, put a filter on it, and use that. Image generators might be a better workflow, especially for things that don't exist in real life.

  37. If you can code, draw, and 3d model, you have the skills to make something that's actually good! Renpy, twine, RPGMaker, are often used, but if you're more ambitious you could go with unity.

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