1. I can’t tell if you’re saying this from a genuine “wait and see” perspective, or if you’re coming at it the same way that UF fully supported Willie Taggart staying at FSU.

  2. It's genuine. He's got a really solid resume and knows that recruiting is the lifeblood of the program.

  3. I’m also slightly biased because I know some of his kin. If he was anywhere else, I’d be rooting like hell for him.

  4. Awful news. Had a couple of catches against us, if memory serves.

  5. Buckeye candies are so fucking good, man. Stupid easy to make, too:

  6. Man's out here making me hungry in the middle of a work day

  7. That makes sense, even if the Ohio State corner hadn’t slipped looked like he was going Smith to outspeed him and get the touchdown anyway.

  8. Damn. What year is he? I’d be interested in seeing what his times are at the combine

  9. This is his fourth year, so barring something bizarre he’ll be at the combine next spring

  10. https://media.giphy.com/media/MO9ARnIhzxnxu/giphy.gif

  11. We didn’t lose a single one of those games. Don’t blame us.

  12. He has already commkted to God, its in his hands now

  13. I can see Venables turning it around, Napier seems like a total dud of a hire

  14. It's waaaaay to early to make any sort of determinations on Napier.

  15. Which doesn't really have anything to do with him looking like a dud.

  16. I don't believe sportsbooks accept them as legal tender.

  17. Clemson didn't make the playoff and lost to their biggest rival.

  18. From my experience most did, with the attorney he had it’s very likely he can. It was the defendants without a lot of wealth who never were able to

  19. I've been on both sides in Georgia and it's usually the other way around.

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